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My dear Friends

The November exam count down is started. This is my humble effort to bring some input for exam writers.


Mental preparation before writing exam

a) Success to any professional exam based on how you approach to exam.  If you tense, half battle you lost . So, take a firm decision with yourselves that you will write the exam best out of you.

This is your last CA final or I P C C exam. You are not going to write a mere exam rather going to write your fate and your future.   Do best at exam and leave rest to God (Almighty).

b) All of you have power to pass the exam provided you have at least done your ground work in a better manner.

1) Sleep well the before exam  ( Never do restless effort the day before exam)

a) Cramming the day before exams will never ever going to give you any result. Your role is to make your mind fresh and ready to write exam. For that you have to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours.

b) If you put restless effort in a crammed manner the day before exam then, your output to the exam will be low due to the load you have given. Input to output ratio will be lower

2) Reach exam hall in time

a) Stop learning at least half and hour before exam. Make your mind fresh and ready to write the exam.

b) Use the time for writing register number and take a deep breath in and out. This will help you to input needed oxygen.

c) Use the same pen and don’t change the pen in between.

Exam Oriented Tips

a) Read carefully: - After receiving the paper, go through good one round of reading. This will help you where to start and how to start.

b) Start with easy questions :- Start with the questions you feel confident and leave the space for unknown questions

c) Time management: - Eliminate half and hour from your total and try to complete your exam on 2.5 hours (150 minute).  For 1 mark question you can allocate maximum 1.5 minute. For 5 marks questions you can allocate 7.5 minute and 16 mark questions you can allocate 24 minute for 20 mark questions you can allocate for 30 minute. This will help you to improve your exam writing speed. So, lengthy question paper of others may not be lengthy for you.

d) Try to write maximum questions:- it is fair to write more questions on an average basis rather than writing few questions on excellent manner. Write maximum question and get maximum possible mark. This means try to write unknown questions also.

e) Good presentations to the exam: - “First impression is a best impression indeed”.  Never try to write answers in elaborating manner. Never try to write unwanted points. This will help you to getting out from your result. Except for definitions, try to write answers in your own words. Because the answers from your hears are more powerful than text book answers.

f) Try to write the answers in point to point. Giving margin number and heading and sub heading wherever required. Try to give what is required by the examiner in a concise and precise manner. You need not elaborate the things to examiner. ICAI materials and reference books were given answers in elaborating manner for your sake of learning  only. Don’t adopt same kind of answers for examinations.

g) Never discuss after exam: - because of curiosity, students were tend to cross check their answers with their friends. If your answer is mismatch with the answer of your neighbor, then become dis hearted and will affect your remaining exam in an adverse way. Write the exam and ignore about what you have written, rather focus on how you can write your next exam.


Wish you all the best

CA Vivek M

NBThose who fear for writing your November exam, please mail me in the below mail ID or please send me PM here

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