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Today, I was just surfing the internet when I came across an interesting video teaching a most valuable lesson for leading a great and happier life. I thought that it is worth sharing with all of you and put in my thought on connecting to all of us, the CA Students.

So first let's see what is that story. "A professor put an empty jar on classroom the table. He took out some table tennis balls and filled the jar with them. Then, he asked the students whether the jar is full or not? Everyone replied, Yes.. the jar is full. Then, he took out some small pebbles and put them into the jar. The pebbles adjusted in the jar utilizing the available space. He again asked the students whether the jar is full? The students replied, Yes. After that, he filled some sand in the jar.

The sand has also settled in the jar. The Professor, once again asked the students whether the jar is full? The students again replied, Yes. At last, the professor poured some coffee in the jar. The students couldn't understand what was the professor trying to explain. So, the professor explained. The jar represents one's life. The tennis balls represent the important things required to lead a happy life properly with Family, Friends, Health, and Passion. The pebbles represent the other important things like car, job, home. The sand represents just the small stuff that is not so much required. If we put the sand first in the empty jar, we will not be able to put the balls and pebbles in the jar.

Same is the case with our lives. If we spend whole of our energy in the small stuff, then we will not be able to find time for the important things of our life. We will not be able to achieve the things that are our priorities. So, there's a need to maintain a proper balance between our priorities. There's a need to take care of the things that matter to us more for a happy life. A student eagerly asked, what does the coffee represent?

The professor simply replied, it represents how busy your life seems to be, always find time to drink a cup of coffee with your closed ones." Now, the real question comes out from your mind, how can a CA student apply this story in their life? The simple answer is .. in the same way as the professor narrated. First, find time for your family. The family support is must for a better future of yours.

Second, spend time with friends who are pursuing CA course and discuss your study related matters and issues with them. Third, one of the most neglected things, take care of your health. You need to stay healthy and proceed towards your goal. You can't afford to lose 10 days of sickness, just before your exams. Lastly, don't forget your passion. You have to become a CA. Keep in your mind that you will be able to get a good job or your own home (that are the other important things) only after becoming a CA. Then, you are left with the small stuff of your life. And remember, in your busy schedule also, small breaks are necessary.

So, find some time to refresh yourself. Meet your closed ones and have some fun. "Good things happen when you set your priorities straight." Set your priorities and stay happy.


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