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EQ-The quotient for CA success

Mythreya , Last updated: 18 May 2021  

Dear Friends,

I was reading some Forum discussions on whether English is important or whether analytical skills are important.

The below views are my personal takes on the issue:

Yes, English skills do matter especially as India is becoming more globalized.

It will also solve many of our regional problems and pave way for better understanding between states,especially North and South(else as India progresses,there would be an imminent split on a greater level).Only a common-communicable language would save the day.

Some said, "Dont forget Hindi too is a language of choice to write the exam"

Try saying this to a Tamil/Malayali/Kannadiga/Telugu,who knows nothing but his or her own language and English.

Try saying this to a person from Mizoram or Nagaland,who wants to write the exam in English.

Explain the virtues of writing the exam in Hindi to a Nicobarese(in Andaman and Nicobar Island).

Please remember,I have nothing against Hindi.I know the language very well and speak it with fluency.However,please try to understand where Im getting to and then you would appreciate what Im trying to say.

Yes,English is a vestige of the colonial era but it still serves a purpose of uniting our country.Even within a state,there are fights for a seperate state despite lingual similarities(Telangana and Andhra issue),so what to talk of people from different states who yearn to live in a united fashion?

One must break open narrow barriers and try to think openly.

English matters,it does matter a lot in current scenario.

These days there is cross-migration between states and people from one state freely move to another state.So,even if a person wants to interact (and thereby enrich himself/herself) with a guy/gal man/woman of another state,there should be a linking language.This linking language is English(atleast till all Indians create a unified new language like Esperanto!)

English does matter, as it gives the person a command over two language skills,hence exercise of more of his/her brain.

English matters as one can open up to the world,learn from other countries(as english dominates worldwide whatever be the pull of other languages) and then implement and make it useful to our country.

English is not just for communication.Even a dumb(I mean 'speaking challenged person') can communicate well if he/she puts his/her mind to it.English breaks the barriers and herein lies the usefulness.

The more one sticks to just one's language,culture,etc without even exploring what the 'other-side' is the more one becomes parochial(meaning narrow-minded).The more one becomes parochial,the more one enters into self-created ruts and problems start.


What about analytical skills?

Analytical skills are basic,preliminary but not all.

It is just akin to having a map and trying to guide the driver on the route.You have a map and sit in the back seat.You have great map-analyzing capabilities but your language or communicationis not understood properly by the driver and whither both would go? Nowhere!

Yes, you need to understand and analyze the map.But then, that is not it.Anyone can do it with effort.Anyone with raw intelligence can do it with hard work.However, communication(which is beyond mere language) is something of an art not a science.It is divine in itself.It moves people,irrespective of barriers.

(So many people have joined my community here--Why--despite me being a Southindian?--> without even seeing me---Why? Because inherently everyone is a human and somethign connects deeply inside everyone to everyone and when the correct chord is struck,then people respond.This striking of the chord is 'Communication'--not language,not analytical skills but something beyond and this 'something beyond' is achieved only through practice,observing and being alert,intelligently alert to the nuances)

Indians give a lot of prominence to sheer analytical skills and renegade everything else to the back.This is not good.This just betrays their insecurities and fears that they cannot communicate(and thus they keep harping about analytical skills being the best and rest being as subsidiary or irrelevant.It is basically to do with a sense of inferiority complex and fear in this area and nothing else.)

Analytical skills reach people only through proper communication and language skills.

Chances for legal/people/cultural,etc misunderstandings to happen is highly possible when there is no crutch of linguistic or communicational support.


What I would rate as more important than English,communication and analytical skills is EQ.

EQ as in Emotional Quotient.

This is what determines success in anyone(in any sphere of their life).

EQ is what  makes one work hard,develop motivation,delay gratification to achieve goals

EQ is what makes rapport and understanding,empathy and sympathy possible between people.

Communication needs EQ to sustain and reach.

Analytical skills needs EQ to work and learn the skills in the first place.

And English without EQ is mere tinsel in the hands of a bad toolsman.

Ofcourse,here I should chipin and add that Im aware of the current burning topic called "Social Intelligence"(SQ) but Im keeping it under the umbrage of EQ for now(SQ is a highly evolved EQ,so to speak)There is also talk of Spiritual intelligence too(which I personally rate THE highest but then discusssing those here in great detail might not be really relevant for the germane topic)

Hope, I have analyzed,communicated and conveyed in proper English what is in my heart.

Best intents and with a 'warm' EQ,

Mr.Mythreya Sreeraam Bhallyjayappalle

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