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Environmental Issues in our age
In recent time, Environment is the issue which has been discussed the most, either be it on the table of Policy makers, meeting of NGO’s or on the podiums of intellects. But, unfortunately the statistics is growing day and night. We don’t want to quote the levels of SO2 or PPM of any air particulate because these are the facts which no one will deny.

The question which is more important to be answered is that why we are not successful in fighting against environmental problem although the government is spending a huge amount of money, and numerous advisory bodies are also present?

One of the main reasons for this is that to estimate the damages associated with the environment in developing countries, policy makers are often forced to extrapolate the results from studies conducted in industrialized countries. These extrapolations may be inappropriate for the two reasons: -

it is not clear that the relationship found between society and Environment is same everywhere. At the relatively low levels of pollution experienced in industrialized countries, the condition differs from developing countries which face extremely high levels of pollution.

in developing countries, cultural practice is extremely different from industrialized countries, so the same action plan may not work at both places. For example, people die at younger ages due to different causes than in industrialized countries, implying that extrapolations of the impacts of air pollution on mortality may be highly misleading.
Another burning issue is the rapid growth of insane consumerism. It is forcibly creating the demand or changing the consumption pattern in our society at the cost of environment. The key point in this issue is that youths are soft target of the market as they form the largest population of the society. They scarcely bother about the production method of goods they are consuming. They are lured by the jazzy packaging, glossy advertisement, eye catching slogans and some commodities becoming their status symbol. Some of the products which are entering in our demand pattern may be very much dangerous or lethal for the environment and ecological balance.
Problem in Policy making

Important point to be noted in this area is that, if any research is done by the Indian scientist, it is done in a LAB. They have frozen idea that the Indian society in scientifically illiterate. This is not good. Science is about everyday policy. It needs to be understood and for this it needs to be deliberated openly and strenuously.
Take the issue of genetically modified (GM) crops. For long this matter has been decided inside closed-door committee rooms, where scientists know their decisions will not be challenged. Their defense is “sound science” and “superior knowledge”.

Issues of conflict of interest will be brushed aside as integrity cannot be questioned behind closed doors. Silence is the best insurance. This is what happened inside a stuffy committee room, where scientist sat to permit Mahyco-Monsanto to grow Bt Brinjal. 
This was just an example. The same story is replicated in all areas. Decision of deforestation is taken in an AC room without consulting the forest – dwellers, bill to establish a nuclear plant is passed on a round table where there is no one to question it, a new brand and a new commodity is introduced in the market considering the capital profit and ignoring the environmental hazards, and the story continues.:(;(

A well-planned city is welcomed by all of us, but who will advocate for the loss of greenery or deforestation caused for the construction of the same?
In the name of development, many villages evacuated rendering thousands of villagers homeless. One side of the coin depicts DEVELOPMENT, but is it a development? And if it is a development, then for whom?:/
Participation in Environment protection

We want from all of us to come forward and face the challenges, and situations of the environment. Government and policy makers always have a fear of saving their government and always have an eye on next election.

We all know there are infinite books and sites which can give us the knowledge about environment and related issues. But knowing the problem and delaying with it is the two different things.

Former is being studied for years and will continue to be, we all need to take the responsibility of the latter.

There are many groups who are trying to fight for the Environment at grass-root level, and they deserve standing – ovation, but there is a further need to step in policy-making. We will have to take action before it is too late, because no one will be willing to get cursed from the coming generation, who would be deprived of the basic needs because of greed.

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