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So you wanna enter the profession called CA? Why? Do you want to live the life like one of the most successful person in India? or is it because you want to earn plenty of money? or you want a status in society? or you hate job and want to work on your own? So you wanna enter the profession called CA? Why? Do you want to keep studying and studying… day and night? or is it because you have never failed in your academic career and want to taste failure? or is it that you hate rest and want to live a restless life? or you get angry and looking for an ‘anger management course’ (as it is sometimes called) ? or you love books and want to study them for the rest of your life? Well in spite of reading the second paragraph if your reason of choosing the CA course is one or more of the ones listed in the first paragraph.. and you are undettered by the horrifying revelations of the second para.. This profession is for YOU. However at any point of reading this post if you are checking the second para more than the first para then… my friend.. think before you enter..!! CA is the only course in India where there is no reservation. So that means there is same battle ground for everyone and so tuff competition. Only course where entry gate is wide & open while the exit gate is permanently closed.. yeah closed !! wondering how to get out then? well you get out through the small window that is being provided. So no exit gate only exit window. So think before you take admission in CPT. My sincere advice.. do not take admission just because your friend is also taking. or because your parents want to do it.. just because one of your relative is CA. Do it if you think you can continue with the same level of enthusiasm or passion for many years to come..and you guarantee that soon you will become obsessed with ‘becoming CA’because it needs more than just 'passion' to succeed.. it need 'OBSESSION'!! that is why i say.. think.. think hard before you choose this course.. the most prestigious one.. CA !!
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Nitin Soni
(Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur)
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