Do you enjoy your success?

You may be wondering, “what a question it is!”

We assume that every normal individual enjoy his own success.

Think a while; do we enjoy all our success?


We fail to enjoy all success. We enjoy certain success and fail to enjoy others.

Is there anyone who doesn’t like to enjoy his success? 


There are people who fail to identify their success. Resultantly they can’t enjoy it.

Why certain people fail to identify their success?

A lot of people fail to identify success because they follow the wrong definition of success.

Let me tell you the story of two wonderful children and their mother?

This is a real life story of two sisters. Both of them are the students of a reputed school. The elder sister is studying in fourth and the younger one in second standards.

It was the first day after the midterm vacation. The sisters went to the school happily. The midterm exam’s report has been given. The elder sister scored 100 marks in Mathematics and in most of the other subjects. The younger sister scored 80 marks in Mathematics and reasonably good marks in other subjects.

Back to home, the mother was so happy with the performance of the elder daughter. She angrily cursed the younger daughter for not scoring 100 in mathematics. It was so painful to see the depressed face of the younger child.

It provoked my thought.

I asked myself, is 80% a bad score?

I think 80% is a reasonably good mark even in Mathematics. Moreover, there was lot of students who scored less than 80% marks in her class.

What made that mother to be very angry?

She thought that her daughter failed or did not succeed.

Then what is success?

It means a favorable outcome.

Is 80% marks a favorable outcome? Yes, because she passed in that paper and she could give right answer for 80% questions.

Why the mother is still angry?

For her, anything less than 100% in Mathematics is not success.

By giving such a wrong definition for success, she fails to enjoy the success of her child – that is scoring 80% marks. In addition to that she denies the right of that wonderful child to enjoy her success.

Again I started digging deep.

I asked the mother, what made her to behave like that?

Both of the sisters get the same facility and the same schooling. The elder one scores 100always. The younger one is not doing so, she said.

Here, the mother commits a serious mistake. Her yardstick is always the elder daughter’s marks. But she fails to compare the younger daughter’s marks with her own previous exam’s marks. In fact the younger daughter scored only 73% marks in the previous exam. She could make an improvement of 7% marks.

Is this a failure or success?

For me, it is a success because she could create a favorable outcome. But the mother is unable to see that. Her yardstick is wrong. The wrong yardstick can’t show success properly. It is like using a wrong scale. You can’t rely that scale.

Unfortunately like the mother in our story, we fail to identify our success because of the wrong definition of success and the wrong selection of yardstick. Whenever you compare your result or achievement with that of others, be cautious. You can use their achievement as a motivation and target. Compare your result with your previous performance. Then only you can see your success. Otherwise you will be blind towards your success.

If a Rank holder motivates you, it’s good. When the result is declared, if you could not reach there don’t view it as a failure. See what improvement you could make from the previous attempt. If you could improve your result by 1mark, it is a favorable outcome.

So, it is advisable to set a long term target and assess your success based on the improvement that you have made from your previous level.

I know a young CA who is always worried about his career and pay pack.

Do you know what worries him the most?

He always compares his salary and job profile with that of his batch mates. By doing so, he fails to enjoy the gifts of god that he currently have.

You can set a long term career plan and never compare each and every day of you with your peer.

Whether an outcome is success or failure is to be decided based on the conditions in which it occurs.

There are always ideal results. It does not mean that anything less than ideal is failure.

Learn one more thing. Success never means reaching the first place. If you are able to reach the top, it is worth something.  Don’t think that anything less than first place is a failure.


· Life includes failure.

· Learn from failure.

· That is an improvement.

· Improvement is favorable outcome. 

· Success means a favorable outcome.

If you learn from your failure, no need to worry……

After two months, your results will be declared.

Don’t forget to identify and enjoy your success!



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