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Through this write-up an attempt has been made to invite the views of learned members regarding few queries listed below:




1. I am not able to recall prepared topics at the time of Exam


2. I am not comfortable with Law or Audit or Account….or XYZ subject.


3. How to get Rank in Exams


4. How to prepare a good revision schedule


5. I have very less time to study…it is possible to clear this attempt?


6. Can u guide me how to prepare for studies before Exams. There is only 1 month left so plzz guide me.


7. Weather with 4 months preparation can I clear my final exam in my first attempt. Please guide as i am much tensed about my study, still now i dint start my preparation and in Dec 2010 i have also my CS exam.


8. I am perusing CS professional course, I am working student, kindly advice me laymen strategy to clear it.



My advice to you all is very simple and according to me it is quite effective to deal with the questions mentioned above:


ENJOY YOUR STUDY (Best way to succeed)


All you need to do is focus on your study. In other enjoy your study a bit more. Discuss topics with your friends and seniors…We used to follow the same trick to enhance our re-calling power…


In my opinion friendship with books is the best way to deal with the questions above. If you start enjoying your study you’ll never face the problem of lack of re-calling power…


Normally students used to re-call provisions during exam in exam hall…but my practice was different as we used to re-call and discuss provisions and sections frequently.  


To enhance your re-calling power participate in your friends queriesalways encourage them to share their queries with you. Just apply your mind and solve their query…It will give you desired confidence for real time exam situation.



Please find below the link to download files containing my Exam tips:





For recharging yourself spend some time with your family and friends…You may also consider this point as a tool to prepare yourself mentally for study.




Do not think that a particular subject is boring or tuff (at least you can try)…So make up your mind accordingly…as it all depends on mind programming…if you think in that particular positive way…your mind will react accordingly.


Try this method…start talking to you…thoda pagal hone main Koi burai nahi…Lol…




For getting Rank in Exam you must understand that all the subjects are equal as far as exams are concerned. So equal distribution of your energy and interest is required to perform well collectively in exams…


You can do one thing---give more time to the subject you are not comfortable with and accordingly give less time to the subject you are comfortable with…here just be confident…

If you have very less time to study…still a reasonable preparation is possible for exams. In professional exams use of Scanner is very important to succeed. After basic preparation don’t forget to check your preparation from scanner. Prepare everything given in scanner. After completing the scanner add some more topics to your schedule.


Where time is less -- simply base your preparation on Scanner. Use CA CS CWA guideline/suggested answers for preparation.




According to me there is no rule or guideline to fix or calculate the time required for exam preparation. It depends on person to person.   As per my observation 4-5 months are enough for a reasonably good preparation. But there are few pre-conditions to succeed with limited exam preparation which are as follows:


1. Prepare a list of relevant and imp topics from exam point of view.


2. Use selective notes and reference books


3. Proper guidance is very imp to save your energy where time for preparation is less.


4. Good sense to figure out what is relevant and what is irrelevant for exam. Leave the irrelevant portion.


5. Prepare very short notes during basic study for last time revision


6. Keep discussing the topic within your friend circle for better grip


7. You may also paste short notes on the walls of your room, just like the snap below.


8. Just enjoy your study and develop max interest in a particular topic


9. Give special stress on exam oriented topics.


10. In the end do not forget to check your preparation from Scanner.


Further as per my understanding the above points are also very useful and applicable for students who are in job or working. One of their main problems is less time for preparation. A simple advice for them is to stick to the basics of exam preparation. Simply prepare exam oriented important topics and attempt the exam with full confidence.


Hope am able to bring some clarity regarding some of common doubts raised by students and further hope that you’ll find the above point useful for your preparation. Kindly share your views.



All the Best  


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