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If you’re anything like the author, you can type much quicker than you write. If you are young, perhaps you are EXCELLENT together with your phone.

But the CA, CS, and CMA tests are written ones. You want to jot down, and also, you need to write speedy, certainly, and legibly.

You need to practice writing fastly!

You can increase this ability similar to another. It takes a lot of practice; however, the effort is worth it! 

Enhancing the Writing Speed during CA, CS and CMA Exams

So, how does one increase their writing speed, and at the same time, not be illegible?

1. Improve your handwriting approach

The technique is prime. If you’ve got proper technique, you are midway there already! The good handwriting method entails using your palms as a guide instead of being “wristy.” Move the pen to the use of your shoulder and forearm muscle mass. In this manner, your hand will not tire out or cramp. If you continuously move your wrist while you write and pick up your hand from the paper to move across it while writing, your writing will slow down, and your hand will tend to cramp. 

2. Sit up instantly

To truly improve your writing speed, it’s a great idea if you want to enhance your posture. What’s an excellent posture?

Sit on a directly-sponsored chair together with your toes flat at the ground. Your hips and decrease returned must be supported via the chair. Rest your forearms easily on the table/table, keeping your elbows slightly flexed. Don’t slouch over the paper at the same time as you write. Make positive that you alter the height of your desk and chair well to encourage top posture.


3. Pay interest in how you keep the pen

Now, how you preserve your pen doesn’t affect your writing speed – until you hold it in an especially uncomfortable way. If you’re going through this trouble, use the tried and tested conventional tripod technique of writing as shown within the photograph below:


Do not tightly grip up the pen. A normal grip needs to suffice – however, do not use a death grip!

4. Use a suitable writing device

Use a pen that may be a high-quality match on your hand. You may want to test with many pens. The creator finds that a simple ballpoint pen with a fairly thin tip is pleasant for his writing fashion. We can’t tell you what pen is quality; you need to play around with it yourself. But note that an awesome and fine pen could make a massive distinction between the way you write and how rapidly you write! 

5. Lots and Lots of Practice

We’ve now indicated all of the ways through which you could improve your writing speed. Now, it’s time to place all this theory into practice. You want to exercise to enhance! But working towards it can also cut into you having a look at the time, no? No! It complements it!

After all, the quality method of taking a look at is not passively to watch video lectures. You need to interact actively with the fabric with the aid of taking notes. And even as taking notes, take note of good writing strategies. In this manner, these turn into 2nd nature to you, and also you are not losing any study time!


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