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The day of the result is really an important day in any student's life. The efforts of months and years together may be rewarded or may not be. The challenge is to remain calm in both situations. Yes, it is easier said than done but you ought to believe it when a person has herself faced all the situations. We all belong to highly professional courses in India where all the three professions i.e. CA, CMA & CS are at par. Except for the difference in the syllabus of each respective course, more or less the examination patterns and all the related rules are the same for all the three professions.

On the day of the result, either a candidate qualifies the examination or he/she does not qualify the examination. If you go by my wordings, I have just written that a candidate qualifies the examination. Certainly, qualifying the examination is not the destination and more importantly, it is not your life. I pity the students' fraternity of this era who consider examinations as their life. Always remember that education is a part of life and not your whole life. Make big out of your education & achievements but do not forget that your life is more important than these educational courses. Our lives cannot be restricted to our educational achievements, there's so much more into it.

Of late, I have seen students committing suicides, facing anxiety attacks, going into depression for failing in their attempts of these professional courses. Believe me, the twenties of our life are not to give up, but to rise up each time you fall. Remember one thing the day you step into these professional courses, you have to be super tough and it is not meant for cowards. These courses demand a lot of determination and positivity than your hard work and intelligence. No matter you were amongst the toppers of the 10th or 12th Standard or an average student, here the trend can continue or turnaround. The results can be at par with your expectations, beyond your expectations or below your expectations. You might clear when you were least expecting it. You may fail when you were sure about cracking it this time. You may finish it off in the first go or it may take more than 10 attempts to get there. You may clear subjects and fail in aggregate, or you may score huge and fail in a subject by a couple of marks and get stuck. You may lose an exemption for 2-3 marks and you can even be eligible for next attempt just for a matter of scoring 4-5-6 marks less. You may fail during the declaration of results and you may get through in verification. I don't know what to call this, but this may be the beauty of our courses, it makes us strong. A person who faces this at a young age can face any other thing in life. These courses obviously 'makes' you, they'll 'break' you only if you allow to or take it in other than positive way.

If you have cleared your exams, well and good, you have stepped ahead into the world of opportunities and challenges. Again it is to be noted that just qualifying examination doesn't make you successful. Don't ever let your success go into your head, stay humble and grounded. It takes years of struggle, constant efforts and dedication to reach a peak point of your career. You may be hired at a very handsome package or you may earn a bit low in initial years, but this is just a beginning and the world of professionalism is such a great challenge till the time you exist or continue. Don't expect your life to change in a day or a month or year. One has to stay positive and continuously growing.

And if you're not able to make it this time, then believe me there's something better coming up next time. The biggest challenge at this point in time is to embrace failure. Rather than blaming anything or finding excuses, just focus on what was left and which things need more improvement. Consider this as a chance to do it differently and in a better way than before. Believe me, nobody on this earth is surviving without problems. Every person is facing financial, physical, mental, family, social issues. When we are living in this world, we are going to be trapped by many of these issues. So it is not always necessary to take inspiration from others and their stories. Strive to make your own story a 'big' one. It is rightly said, 'Success always hugs you in private, but failure slaps you in the public'. This is a world where everyone is in a serious competition to prove themselves better off than others. There's no point in creating a mountain out of a molehill. You know your story and you should also know how to combat your weaknesses. It's easier said but if you don't stand for yourself, then nobody else is going to do it for you. Be self-motivated. Start finding good in every failure you survive through. The people who fail, get to learn many more things than who succeed. Each time you fail, you devise a new strategy with more improvements and you become way more perfect than others. Failures at the early stage of life make you more strong, positive and intelligent, provided you always take it in a positive way.

Giving up is not a solution for us. You don't fail when you don't achieve success, you fail when you refuse to bounce back and hit harder this time. You have to keep getting better until you achieve your dreams. Live your dreams but don't make it your life. Success and Failures are part of life. Hard work can always beat destiny. Fail 'x' times and stand 'x+1'th time in your whole life. Be realistic about your goals and planning. Yes, having those initials before your name gives tremendous happiness, people look at you in a different way, life changes for better. Stick to your goals, rest if you're tired, enjoy your life too while you strive so hard because you deserve it. Live for yourself, whatever you're doing, do it for yourself. Believe in yourself and nobody else can pull you back. You need not to prove anything to anyone in this world, let your success do that. You may be surrounded by negative minds, cut them from your life. You are the biggest achievement of your parents' life, you are the reason behind happiness and smiles of your family and friends. You are blessed with this life to do great things, don't stress it over few things in life which are temporary or just a small part of life. Success comes to those who wait and it may be delayed but it is not denied.

I'll end up with the lines which always inspired me from high school days -

'All of life is like a race,
With ups and downs and all,
And all you have to do to win,
Is rise each time you fall.
'Quit', 'Give up', 'You're beaten',
They shout on my face,
But another voice within me says,

P.S.: All the views expressed above are personal views of the author.


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