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This is one of the most thought out and ambitious questions by young Indians. Why Elon Musk was not born in India? Here I am not saying that because his mother was a Canadian and his father was a South African hence he could not be born here. The Question is Why People of India & the Indian Subcontinent, i.e. over 1.8 billion people, could not become Like Elon Musk? I hope now the subject matter of this article can be easily understandable.

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is a South African-born American industrial engineer, entrepreneur, who co-founded PayPal and founded aerospace transportation services company SpaceX. He is also one of the early investors in Tesla, an electric car company, and now the Chief Executive Officer of the firm as well. With a net worth of $197 billion, Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk is the richest person on the planet on March 02nd 2021 as per news reports.

Coming back to the topic, "Elon Musk vs. Indian Musk & Challenges?'

Elon Musk vs. Indian Elon Musk and Challenges

Musk's Intellectual

Musk's intellectual aptitude did him few favours as a child. He had a terrible upbringing like many of us have here in India. He had a lot of adversity growing up.

When he was only 10, he became acquainted with programming via the Commodore VIC-20, an inexpensive home computer. Before long, he had become proficient enough to create Blastar - a video game in the style of Space Invaders. He sold the BASIC code for the game to a magazine called PC and Office Technology for $500.

In one telling incident at that time, Musk, along with his brother, planned to open a video game arcade near their school. Ultimately, their parents nixed the plan. But apparently the only thing stopping them was the need for a city permit, for which an adult had to apply.

Indian System & Problems

The United States of America has been always kind to Indian finest/talented engineers. It values Engineer's thinking, hard work and determination. India is a place which turns mostly all types of Engineers into IT people. If you want to pursue a job in the field of your choice, your best bet is to go abroad and hence it might be a reason People who are thinking to Start their Business and want to apply their mind on a particular project looks safer side and leave country for better well being, it is not bad too as far as for Individual is concern. However it is quiet not good because India Outsource its talent to foreign Countries, building countries with their minds.

High paying jobs attracts Indians to leave India. I'm not saying India doesn't have those high paying jobs but they are far rarer than you would find in many places abroad and the quality of work is sometimes not something you'd want to be doing.

This is because India has been a hub for outsourcing and the jobs that can easily be outsourced are the jobs that can easily be done and that do not require a high amount of skill.

Also it's very tough in India to start a business however now a day's condition is not that much worse. In Ease of doing business India is continuously getting better position.

Note: - Please do not consider this article an attack on Indian Culture, values or principles.


India's Future Elon Musk

Elon Musk also born in India but they could not become that Elon Musk which we are dreaming to be. As Indian System of doing business or nurturing our youth is quiet hard as far as comparison of other countries like Germany, France or USA.

Indian Elon Musk! He is just 18 year old now, Saad Nasser as per news articles published 2 years ago in many Indian newspapers. Saad Nasser is a young engineer who has dropped out of school to become an entrepreneur.

He has won multiple national and international engineering competitions including the Intel Iris and the Broadcom masters. Between them they cover deep expertise in business, research and technology.

Saad often visited Dr V Vinay, his mentor to solve complex engineering problems where he crossed paths with Saurabh Chandra, an IIT Varanasi graduate and entrepreneur. The trio laid the foundation of Ati Motors, an autonomous electric vehicle start up in Bangalore, which has attracted the interest of giants like Anand Mahindra and Godrej.


Some Other Talented Minds of India who can become India's Elon Musk

  • Indian-American Tanishq Abraham became engineer at the age of 15
  • At 15, Nirbhay Thacker completed four-year B.Tech in one year
  • Samhitha Kasibhatta of Hyderabad became an engineer at 16
  • At 17, S Chandrasekar of Tirunelveli completed MTech from IIT-Madras


Concluding this article with a positive attitude as I have shared some aspects which are to be improved to grow Indian System to use talented Minds of India in India rather than outsourcing Talent.

So Hoping for the best that People like Saad Nazeer, Tanishq Abraham, Nirbhay Thacker, S Chandrasekhar and Samhitha Kasibhatta have the potential to become India's Elon Musk. Our government should give them support and resources to develop something for India by India in India for the Success of the Make in India Concept.


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Disclaimer: The purpose of the article is to enlighten the readers with the above-mentioned Subject so they can understand and follow the learning's of these notifications. Under no circumstances, the author would be held liable in any way for any damage arising from using this article.

The author can also be reached at casharmaamit1@gmail.com

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