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In this article we will be focusing on the ways in which concentration during exams can be increased. These days due to so much distraction around it is very difficult for anyone to sit for a longer period and study. Even if the book is opened in front of the person, a person might be mentally in another zone not being able to concentrate on his/her actual studies. It is not only about studies but also about work.

It is very difficult these days said by experts for people to actually concentrate on one task for more than 20 minutes. We will be discussing some pointers which may help in better concentration. It takes a while longer to improve concentration but if enough effort is put into it then with time concentration level can be improved with time.

1. Having a fixed place to study

It is usually said that people associate their places with the things they do. For Example:- A dining table is mostly associated with food and a bed is mostly associated with sleep. So you should never study in either of them because you will not be able to have full concentration and will end up thinking of food or sleeping. Having or devoting a proper place or an area to study is really important so that you can associate that place to your studies and as you go to that place your mind automatically goes to the mindset of studying which inturn will definitely increase your concentration.

Eight Ways to Increase Concentration during CA Exams

2. Physical activity and a balanced diet

This is one point which is extremely underrated in today's time. People think that devoting time to physical activities will be wasting their time and hence don't understand the importance of being physically fit during the days of their preparations and exams. It is said that any physical activity is a form of self-care and helps to de-stress and calm a person. For example:- Just a fifteen minute wallpaper day is very good as a form of physical activity.

Today junk has become a very major part of anyone's diet and everyone likes to eat junk instead of eating proper and simple food. Junk food causes lethargy and a decline in performance during cognitive tests according to a study done in America.

3. Concentrating on one task at a time

Multitasking has become a comparatively more famous concept in today's day. Multitaskers are said to be more achieving in life than compared to people who like to focus on one task at a time. Well I am of the view that one should focus on one task at a time. If you focus on one task at a time it is mostly done in a way better way than compared to if you have multiple tasks in mind at a time. Your mind would be free and would be able to retain more if one task is focused on at one time rather than multiple things together.


4. Switching off from the digital world

Technology came as a boom for the world but has clearly become like a curse due to overuse and undue advantage of it. Social media tops the list of causing distractions to people and has been said to cause an ill-effect to the mental health of individuals. People don't know their limit of using social media and hence they overuse it which causes major distraction and causes comparison in people which is a major factor of distraction and emotional pain these days. The best solution to this problem is to switch off or log out of phones and social media during these days. Only study material should be accessed or important documents should be accessed during this time so that the addiction can be controlled.

5. Study with a partner

A partner or a person is a source of motivation to study together with a person. Any help can also be provided and also improvements can be done because of a partner.The monotony of studying alone can be broken because of a partner and even boring subjects may become slightly more interesting to study with the help of a partner. However while finding a study partner it is very important to find someone who is always lifting you up and helping you instead of someone who distracts you more during your studies.


6. Taking short breaks

Taking small breaks in the middle is extremely important. Studying continuously at once is not at all feasible and becomes very monotonous. Taking short breaks in the middle to do certain activities is very important to keep the freshness while studying. Activities like watching an episode of your favorite series, walking, talking to family or friends can be done while taking short breaks from studies to achieve freshness and that concentration again while studying.

7. Meditation

It has been proved right from the medieval ages that meditation is what increases focus, brings clarity and calms the mind. Like physical activity is important in the same way even your mind needs activity which can be achieved in the form of meditation. Meditation can be challenging in the beginning and one might not be able to concentrate much on it but continuous practice can bring a lot of benefits of meditation in the long run. Some benefits of meditation include reducing stress, promoting emotional health, lengthening attention span and improving self awareness. Positive effects in concentration will definitely be shown once meditation is consciously practised.

8. Studying in a peaceful environment

Noise definitely is one of the biggest distractions and one must consciously choose an area where it is specifically silent to study and is free of all distractions. A silent area must be chosen to study which will have no noise. For example:- an isolated room or corner in the house can be chosen. If not then a library near the residence could be chosen which will help and motivate one to study even more.

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