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Hello students, heartiest congratulation to all the students who succeeded in the CPT examination. And no need to lose hope if you have not been able to clear this time because my friend, this is not the end. Keep trying and you will succeed soon.  Here I am going to present some doubts which generally rise in our mind after CPT.


But before moving on to this topic. I would like to give some suggestions/tips that will help you to keep yourself organised/motivated from beginning to end of this course. Now after lot of effort you have succeeded to enter in one of the best course in this field. Now you are feeling great and feeling motivated that you have cleared entrance exam of CA. And you deserve it. After all, this is the result of your effort and hard working. But beware my friend now you have entered in Professional course this is totally different than school education. You have to prepare yourself from the first day. Avoid your habit to ignore the things for exam days. Now you have to dedicate yourself to this course. After clear CPT, you have lot of confidence and lot of positive energy and this is very good. But two things always keep in mind. First one is, maintain this confidence until you clear CA Final. Second thing is don’t convert this confidence in to over confidence.

The hard working, the effort and the dedication that you performed during your CPT exam, just keep it on. After clearing CPT, students often tend to get wrong impression that after clear CPT in 1st attempt they are now eligible to clear rest of the course in single attempt. Just avoid this misconception, it may create hurdle in your success. I am not saying that you can’t do, obviously you can do but you have to be serious about this course. The course needs lot of time, lot of patience and lot of efforts; this is just beginning my friend now you have to cover very long distance. Now you need to Friendship with books; now you need to love with studying. Don’t be afraid. I am not trying to scare you. I am just raising alarm for you, now you are going to enter in the professional course and you have to think professionally everything; you have to tackle problem conceptually. Promise yourself you will definitely show to become a CA and you will fulfil your family expectation. Ok here I don’t want to give any boring lecture because here my topic is different.


Overall concept behind this boring lecture is - you have just entered in the beginning of Professional world.  You are full with confidence and you are full with positive energy but you need to maintain your positive energy, confidence and dedication till last until you win. Your target is clear, set your eyes on the target and just shoot it.


Now let’s come to the point.


Here I am presenting some Questions and Answers that generally comes in the mind after clearing CPT.

Q : What should I Choose IPCC both group or IPCC Single group?


See, the choice depend on many things like your capabilities, your interest, your catching power etc. But still you have lot of time to choose whether you should go for both groups or Single group. Because it is not compulsory that if you have registered for both groups then you have to sit for both groups, you may opt for single group during submission of examination form. You still have 6 months time to decide. But I suggest you, if you have made your mindset for giving both group then start preparing from now. Plan accordingly. If you are thinking let’s see in examination time whether I should give both or single group? Then you are 100% wrong. Don’t avoid it for future days, set your mind what should you do and plan accordingly. It’s a huge course and you have to do planning accordingly from now. It generally happens that we choose for both groups and also start preparing for the same. But at the end we opt for single group just because of less preparation. And that time you will be in confusing stage. And you will realize that you have lost your enough time for preparing subjects of both group and now you are choosing only single, just because you have not well prepared. If you feel that you can't prepare for both groups then avoid it and make yourself perfect on only single group. That’s why I am saying decide from now, what should you do?


Q: Why do students generally choose single group?


1.       Clash with other exams. If you seem that your Graduation exam and IPCC exam may clash each other. Then you may avoid both groups. Here I mean to clash is, if you are going to appear both the exams in same period. Then you may choose single group, so that you could prepare for both the exams very well. Here I am not saying that you cannot do, obviously you can do both the groups in this situation also, if you have a caliber.


2.       For saving attempt, students generally think that they can’t manage both groups in single attempt. Either if you are giving both groups or single group, if you clear in single attempt. Then your attempt will be counted as single attempt.  


Q: Is there any disadvantage to opt only single group?


No there is not any big disadvantage; you can start immediately your article ship after clearing 1st group. (If you are going to appear only single group, then you should first opt for 1st group of IPCC) thereafter you need to clear your 2nd group during your article ship. But it creates mentally pressure, because during article ship you will face problem relating to time management, you would not be able to manage time for studying. That’s why, some experts suggest for opting both groups. Well it’s depend on you how much you capable?


Q: How many attempts do we get for IPCC?


Dear friend, don’t think about it, just think you have to clear in first attempt and you can do. Believe on yourself. By the way you have enough attempts to clear.


Q: Should we complete our IT Training and Orientation before Exam?


Now it’s not compulsory to complete your IT Training and Orientation programme before the exam, you may complete it even after exam. It’s optional. I suggest, always do your IT Training and Orientation after exam.  

According to new announcement "The requirement regarding Information Technology Training/Computer Training Programme has been relaxed till the time of commencement of articled training / registration for the Final Course.

Q: Could you please refer some relevant books for IPCC?


Munish Bhandari's




Padhuka’s and Surbhi Bansal's book along with DS Rawat for SAs




For Service tax and VAT - institute's material is advisable. For Direct Tax go for either Girish Ahuja or VK Singhania


Institute's material and scanner Reference material; Tulsiyan's book is good


In addition to this you should refer ICAI study material and suggested answers.


Q: How much time should we spend studying for the IPCC exam?


Well I think it’s varies from student to student. It depends on their concentration power. But one thing I must suggest now you have to make double effort. Just hard work is not enough, now you have to do smart work plus hard work. Studying 5 hrs with proper focus is equal to 8 hrs normal study.

Q: Is IPCC Easy or Hard?

Hard for those who take it lightly and Easy for those who take it seriously.

For any further queries, please feel free to ask.

My mistakes, Your Value additions and Your comments are invited.

Wish you all the best for your Bright Future. Enjoy Studying and Thanks for Reading.

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