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We all encounter a situation where present looks messy and future looks gloomy; a situation where your mental strength is tested; where your resolve to comeback stronger counts.

Unemployment is rising, salary cuts are being put, the economic slowdown is scaring everyone. What can we do now?

I left my CA after doing CA inter and started working. One day I was sitting for an interview for the post of an accountant. One more person came for an interview there. He said "do you know the difference between us and the person who is taking our interview? He has prefix CA attached to his name and thus is level is far ahead of us and we will continue to live this mediocre life". I dont know what happened at that point of time. I just left from there and decided to focus on CA completely and in one year I became CA without any coaching. I wanted to thank that stranger for it that I took on to studies again. Ironically I was called for the interview for the post of finance manager in the same company after completing my CA.

Does your life need a comeback

I remember a situation when in October 2018 when during a karate class I sustained multiple fractures on my feet. It was 6:45 am when after winning my karate fight I requested my coaching to let me go back home as I was not feeling well, but he asked me to do one more fight before I go and scolded me for disobeying the class rule by leaving early. I got irritated and in a bid to finish the fight early I tried the toughest karate kick during which I slipped and got injured very badly. Next moment I was rushed to hospital where doctors said I needed surgery urgently and it will take at least six months for me to walk and around two years to even think of running or jumping. I was admitted in the hospital for 10 days where I had to undergo surgery. I was given around 120 injections in those 10 days, some were through drip and some direct. I was a practicing CA and the day I got injured I had a very important meeting at noon. My earnings dropped to zero as I used to sleep almost the whole day due to the side effects of medicines, I had to depend on my father for daily chores which is by far the worst feeling seeing yourself dependent on others. Although I was in the private ward yet I had to be taken out for X rays and other tests and during one such time I saw a person whose feet had been cut and he was smiling. I felt on myself that yes one day I will stand on my feet, but this guy will never be able to do that and he is smiling and I am cursing my life. This changed my perspective towards what I was going through and I became thankful and hopeful that one day I will be able to walk. That encounter of few minutes with that individual instilled a positive attitude in my life and I recovered much quickly. In 3 months I started walking with stick and in 6-7 months I started running and jumping.


These two encounters with the strangers had a huge impact on my life and career. I am thankful that those happened.


The point here is that there is always something positive around us which we ignore when we go through a tough situation. Yes we are facing a crisis in the form of adversity where we don't know what our future would hold, but what we can do is work on ourselves, improve every day. Ask yourself before sleeping every night that are you a better person than what you were when you woke up in the morning? What different have to learned that will help in your career, what change have you made in your behavior that will make you a better person in life? The answers to these questions should drive you every morning and every day.

Life is not about losing ourselves to the situations that we can't control, its about finding ourselves in the crisis; it's about our character; our search for ourselves.

Yes its tougher to make a comeback, but it's horrible if you don't.

You shouldn't be jealous of the success of other person but you should feel motivated about it. That's what positive energy is all about. Hardwork and work ethics of those who are above you should encourage you to become a better version of yourself. You need to channelize every negativity surrounding you into positive energy which would help you in succeeding.

Our days are limited on earth. Everyone has to die, but are we making an impact while we are living? What difference are we making towards the lives of others? Are you doing anything worth remembering?

So get up and set up. Set your goals every day and just finish them. Your competition is you and your target should be to become better each day; to learn and improve with each passing moment.


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CA Anurag Sharma
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