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As i listen to the song "Words" by Ronan Keating, my mind drifts into realizing the importance of Words in our lives! 

During the learning process of our growing up..we tend to ensure that we get ourselves the best of education..make the best utilization of our a lot on improving our physical appearances..inculcate within ourselves the best of etiquettes..find ourselves the best of habits and hobbies...etc.However, In the midst of it all, we often tend to ignore one of most important factors which makes us the person we are, which helps others in forming an opinion about us.. and that is our choice of words and style of speaking!!

Most of us would put in the least of time thinking about improving our way of talking and shift our focus away from using the most appropriate style of speech. While the importance of appropriate wordings can be seen at almost every time, one cannot get away from the fact that each word spoken out of our mouth has the maximum impact only if spoken at the right time, in the right way and the right place!! Words inappropriately framed are unimpactful and can often also lead to devastating consequences!

The power and impact of speech is realized by me, as i begin to look around at the people i come across in life! More so in the case of professionals, the whole game is all about the choices of words being used and their placing! The success stories of a professional greatly depends upon his communication skills and oratory power!

We must take an example of the greatest of leaders of all times who have had such a huge following not only because of their work, but also due to their powerful choice of words and oratory skills..their speeches were impactful not only due to how they spoke, but more due to what they spoke! Many a times, we do find ourselves witnessing goof ups made my these leaders in using appropriate words and mostly having extremely serious consequences!

In my opinion, choice of words do not just depict a person's Communication Skills, but also his Honesty, Clarity of thought, Confidence, Upbringing and Fundamental thinking! It helps in forming an overview of the person's persona and judging his personality!

Further, just having the gift of Gab is not enough...for a person to master the art of communication, it also becomes extremely important to be a sound and good listener! Being a good listener shows the quality of Patience which holds equal importance in a persons professional development. It is very important to listen to the other person carefully so as to not miss a point, analyse, and then choose the words before speaking! The key we often miss is to, take your time and deal with it Patiently!!

Therefore, we must learn that in today's competitive world, at the end of the day, only the one who has mastered in communication shall survive and flourish. So, let us put in a little more time and concentrate on working upon improvising our communication skills and learn not to just bluntly speak whatever comes to our mind!

Each Word must be carefully analysed and thought of before putting up to the front since "Words once spoken, can never, ever be taken back"!! :D

Love Nikita

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Nikita Jain
(CA, CS)
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