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  • Take blessings of parents, other elders in the family & God.
  • It will give strength and will improve confidence.

Reach before Time:

  • Should know the location of Exam center.
  • Start well in advance from home.
  • Reaching late or just at the time will create panic and will unsettle your mind.


  • Pen, pencil, eraser, calculator etc.
  • Exam card, I card.
  • Don’t use highlighters or colorful pens other then what is permitted.

Instructions in Exam Paper:

  • Answers to questions are to be given only in English except in the case of candidates who have opted for Hindi Medium. If a candidate has not opted for Hindi Medium, his/her answers in Hindi will not be valued.
  • 1st question is compulsory and Candidates are also required to answer any five questions from the remaining six questions.
  • In case any candidate answers extra question(s)/sub-question(s) over and above the required number, then only the requisite number of questions first answered in the answer book shall be valued and subsequent extra questions answered shall be ignored.
  • Where appropriate, suitable assumption/s should be made by the candidate.
  • Working notes should form part of the respective answers.

Make a quick go through of question paper:

  • 15 minutes allowed by ICAI for IPCC & Final exam is a great bonus use it effectively.
  • Plan easiest question to be taken 1st.
  • Practical questions 1st then theory questions be taken.
  • Try to complete 100%.
  • Start new question on a fresh page.

Be prepared for unexpected or difficult questions

  • CA exam papers are unpredictable hence be mentally prepared for the unexpected or difficult question and do not get panic.
  • Solve as much as possible.

During the paper:

  • Drink water in between.
  • Be comfortable.
  • Be cool.

On completion:

  • Check that you solved everything that you know.
  • Write question numbers you solved on the space provided in the 1st page.
  • Write the number of supplements used.
  • Tag main answer sheet and supplements properly.
  • Write roll number in the specified place only.
  • Then again you can go through your whole answer sheet if time is there. Don’t leave exam hall before the time is over.

After the Paper:

  • Don’t discuss the paper with anyone. Whatever is written is now beyond your control.
  • Similarly, don’t search solutions on the internet. (provided by some classes)
  • This all you can do after all the papers are over.
  • Go home, have some food, relax for a while and then plan for next paper.

After the exam & until result:

  • Assess chances of success.
  • If good start preparation for next level like CPT appeared student should start a subject of IPCC like accounts.
  • If chances are not good, start revision of the same subjects again specially those in which you are weak.
  • The above is important to keep the momentum of study, otherwise, it will again take a good amount of efforts and time to gain the same momentum and rhythm.  

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