Refresher Course on Bank Branch Audit Course

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First of all, it’s much difficult to prepare in 3rd or more number of attempts. In this situation, to read one hour is equivalently difficult to read for ten hours in the 1st or 2nd attempt. I do appreciate you all who have prepared in such difficult situation even if the Final is still incomplete.

Friends, we may think that I must have to clear in the last attempt. But dear, we are not programmed machine so the logics of our brain are not always true and fair. We need the help of our mind, which is full of different kinds of emotions, to get success.

So do not think like “I must have to clear”, “In the last exam I had big chance that I have missed", "It was high time so I had to clear”, “The last result proves that I cannot become CA” and so on.

You may argue that since we are not cleared in this number of attempts, so it proves that we had lost the golden opportunity in the first two attempts and mainly in the first attempt.

But dear the fact can never say that you are not able to become CA. There are many factors like variation in performance (our performance never remain same in all the exams and attempts), physical problem like health, family issues (we are required to work for family instead of study), lack of proper guidance about preparation, emotional issues like death of family member or beloved person, love break up, from our side there could be lack of sincerity and last but not least luck. These types of factor might have adversely affected your first attempt. But none of them says that you are not able to become CA.

So, now, first thing you have to do is to make yourself emotionally empowered, in simple language, to make yourself as possible as fresh, inspired and enthusiastic. For that, first of all please remember that you do not need to sink yourself in books for 24 hours in a day. Do such activities which makes you fresh, inspired and enthusiastic. That activity can be Yoga, meditation, relaxation, listing of music, watching movies, playing sports, using psychological techniques like writings, talking with friends and so on. The selection of the activity is purely depends on your choice. But the time allotment should not be such high which not allow you to spend even 3-4 hours for study, the activity should be to make yourself fresh and to make the study hours more productive.

As far as the writing technique is concern, I request you to refer my article titled “One month to go for exams” dated 13th October 2016 and the link of the same is as under

As far as the study/preparation is concern, friends you do have the basic information those are required to pass the exam. So the thing required to be added is practice. Due to the practice you will be able to apply the basic information more effectively. In my article titled “Knowledge base for CA preparation” and dated 22nd September 2016, I have described that why and how to do the practice of papers.

The link of the same is as under

All the best
Keep the war alive because winner never quits.

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