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Every person in this world has their own stories and problems and you cannot even find one in this universe who lives happily without any problem. A student has the pressure to score more marks than his best friend; an unemployed has the pressure to get placed in a good job; a married man has the pressure to assist his family's needs and the list goes on like this.

In our life, we are always running towards a target object which may be marks, job, money and so on and in the process, we completely forget the purpose beyond running for it. A boy was standing in the terrace and looking at the sky wondering, how beautiful and happy a bird was flying. But the bird only knows that it is flying high to keep it safe from its enemies as well as to secure a piece of bread for its livelihood. In that process, it forgets that it has been given the boon to fly which is not possible for humans. Just visualize that the boy standing in the terrace is the GOD and the bird is we, human beings. God has given everyone with a unique talent and he is sitting and wondering about how well we are going to use the same. But we in the process of paying attention towards either securing marks/searching jobs/ getting promotions, fails to notice that we are having something unique which is not available to others and end up wasting the same.

A child looked at the sky and asked his brother, why there is no moon today for which, his brother replied that today we cannot see the moon as it is a new moon day. The child started crying and the mother on seeing the same, consoled the child and told, that there is only one day i.e. today where we cannot see moon but during the next fortnight the moon is going to get bigger and bigger. In the same way, today may not be your day but ensure that one day the world is going to acknowledge your efforts and hard work and believe that day is no way far.

And nowadays, it has become a habit to expect the result from a job even before starting it. It is not wrong to estimate the same but at certain times, it is better to do what life gives you without any expectations. In schooldays, we were reading the theories in Physics, Formulae in Maths, Time period in History but we have never thought how it is going to help us in our life or the higher studies or the jobs we are going to undertake. We cannot say that I want to become an Engineer and hence studying Tamil grammar is of no use to me. The thing is that we don't know what benefits and at what point of time is going to accrue to us due to the efforts we are putting today and we expect to see the results tomorrow itself. And we will start to worry about the same.

If we have to put the same in costing terms, result is just a by-product upon which we don't have any control. Our control should be on the process so as to ensure that we are eliminating the process loss to the extent possible, and the by-product will eventually come out. But, we keep on worrying about the by-product and thereby lose control over the process leading to an ultimate collapse.

To conclude, as said earlier, everyone has problems in their life but the magnitude of the same depends upon how one looks at it. There is a saying which goes like "Your determination determines your destination." But it is your perception which is going to determine, what your destination is. It is obvious and easy to note the distress surrounding us but a simple change of a vowel can help us to de-stress from the distress. :)

The author can also be reached at krish10940@gmail.com 


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