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Source of energy power

Long ago, humans had powers that today we consider extraordinary. Our ancestors were able to connect better with each other, deal better with relationships beyond physical proximity, more Self Confident and happier.What was their Secret? It is just energy! As they say, life was much simpler when 'Apples' and 'BlackBerries' were just fruits. However the good news is - there is still that power inside you- its just waiting to be awakened!

We all possess various inner powers, but they are often in a dormant state. In order to awaken these inner powers and start using them, the awareness that we have them and how to use them, is required. These are skills we need for living a better, happier, and more successful life. The fact is that you can achieve anything you want! However, to do the same you need to develop and maintain that mind frame.

Its human nature to start having doubts when things don't go our way. All our experiences and qualifications didn't amount to much anymore. Negativity does sets in, and you are filled with fear, self doubt, your confidence was at its lowest but this can change!

You can be more powerful than you realize. There are certain powers within you. When these powers are understood and leveraged properly, you will achieve more in life, be it more wealth, harmony in relationships, to stay healthier and to heal a strained relationship. We all have these powers but our inner potential to use them according to situations is different. However, at the outset it is necessary to know the powers before developing the capacity to use them.

Power to Tolerate

It is the ability to respond to both external and internal events positively, yet not be affected by them. It is only possible when you are in charge of your real 'self'. What we can give to someone, is what we have inside us. So are our responses which is based on what we have inside. So when someone is rude or angry; s/he is acting with what they have inside and we respond similarly, we are either affected by their emotions or even we have negative emotions within us. However, if we can augment our 'power to tolerate' we will understand the other person's vacuum and respond with what they truly need. Most often this higher energy usually negates or neutralizes the negative emotions of the other person. Just to mention, 'power to tolerate' does not make to submissive and should not be confused with not-to-speak-up when needed. It is based on situations and your abilities to decide the same.

Power to Discern

In today's world we are more confused to take decisions as we are not aware of consequences. Decision making has become a crucial part of our life both in families and organisations. With the plethora of options available to us, we remain more undecided. However, with the awareness of true self, we can develop the ability to discern the right course of action, and separate what is true and what is false. It is necessary for us to stay introvert and accumulate the power of silence to develop the clear vision inside.

Power to Judge

It is the ability to assess the quality of choices, decisions and actions to be made by yourself and others. To be able to judge means to acquire the power to differentiate between what is 'right' and what is 'wrong', what is 'good' and what is not. It is the power to know-an aspect of being knowledgeable where you potentially know about the choices that you are making and the consequences of it. You have the ability to understand the situation beforehand and take proper decision. Decision making becomes easy once the situation properly discriminated and separated the pearls and stones.

Power to Accommodate

We all know it is good to practice the age old saying of 'forgive and forget'. Even though we know this, most often we fail to do this. In this process we ourselves the most. Keeping in mind the positives and not hold onto the pain or any one's mistake will actually free us from the suffering. Bearing grudges affect us more than the person for whom we have the grudges. So, when you learn to accommodate you make way for positive emotions and you are the one who is happy. It is the ability to expand and accept the presence, ideas, and emotions of others.

Power to Face

Sometimes we do not want to face certain situations in life but they are inevitable; for example death to near and dear ones or failures or a broken relationship. We need power to accept these. We need courage to face those hard truths in our life. This power keeps us relatively stable to be able to move forward in life. It is the ability to face and resolve external and internal obstacles, tests and challenges.

Powers to Pack Up

This is very important where we learn not to ponder over something that has already happened. Putting a full stop to past happenings, as in no way can we change that? Also, discussing it with others heightens negativity. So, over thinking in reality in draining our emotions and energies. Packing up means simply to stop over it and move on.

Power to cooperate

In today's world of stiff neck competition and demands we get disturbed if a person do not meet our expectations. We somewhere reject the person if we see their weakness. This power helps us to accept the other person's weakness and support them through that. We can lend them a helping hand or a hand of kindness to support them. The more we accommodate people, the more we cooperate with them; life will give it back to us in return. It is the ability to give time, attention, and share experience in the service of others and to work alongside them.

Power to withdraw

Just like a tortoise who withdraws its organ under the shell, we can withdraw our senses from the materialistic world and situate ourselves in soul consciousness too. This will give us power to perform more and we will be able to connect with our inner powers and virtues. This is also known as detachment; to break away from temporary role and connect with the real self and the supreme energy. This actually empowers you to achieve more and take care of responsibilities better.


Meditation can be one of the best way to invest which helps you to introspect, connect with your inner being and draw energy from the supreme source. This in turn activates your dormant inner energies in the form of powers. You cannot always change situations. You can never change other people. The only thing you can change is yourself. The eight powers of Raja Yoga meditation are always available to help you in every situation that you will face in life.

The inner powers not only help you in times of adversity but can be a tool that you can use on an everyday basis. Strengthening powers through meditation can improve the power of concentration, willpower, self-confidence and motivation. Spend ten to fifteen minutes each day giving yourself positive affirmations or reminding yourself of your inner powers. This will clear the inner channels of your energy and you will be able to better access your sub consciousness. Therein lies all your powers; the more you can clear your subconscious you will find your-self more stable, more powerful and more positive.

Meditation does the requisite self-work to resolve issues that may be disrupting the flow of energy in your field. Meditation expands your consciousness, journaling to get in touch with your emotions and release past emotional traumas, and heal you in order to clear your energy blockages and you reach a higher state of consciousness.

Remain Positive

Being positive and having that positive mind frame wins half the battle. A person who thinks positive thoughts will be happier, more content, healthier, achieve more and believe they can do almost anything. Your mind is very powerful. The popular saying 'if you think it, you can achieve it” is very true. It starts in your mind and once you decide that's what you want nothing in the world can stop you but you. If you expect to get best out of life, then you will if you do not quit. Even when you have difficult times, you will continue to be positive and see the bright side of things. You have trained your mind to be positive, and it will always feed you positive information. What you put in your mind is what you will get out. Your brain is similar to a computer. If you input positive things, you will in turn get positive information and solutions. If on the other hand if you input negative things you also get negative results.

Positive thinking is a choice

You choose to be positive, or you choose to be negative. No one is naturally positive or negative. People wake up every day and decide what day they are going to have. Some will look at the day and decide that today will be the best day of their lives, and nothing can change that. It doesn't matter what the weather is like or what demands people are making. While someone else will wake up, it rains and their entire day is ruined. It is how you want to be. You are in control of your life and no one else.

When you are positive with a positive attitude your mind is clearer, and you can think of solutions to problems and find solutions that you wouldn't have while being negative. You cannot have a negative mind-set and expect to be able to come up with positive solutions. It doesn't work that way.

Although this universal law works for all people, regardless of whether they are conscious of it, there are three important ways in which to tap into the powers and start using them to bring about positive changes to your life. Our inner subconscious thoughts and projections shape our outward realities. Meditation, visualization and the way in which we live are important tools in releasing the power of the law of attraction. Start changing your perceptions, fine tune your vibrations and energy, and start living the fulfilling, abundant, and meaning-full life that you deserve.


As we talked about the inner powers, the mechanism to develop them and the potential of the subconscious, we can see that all the routes converge to the theory of 'The law of Attraction'. It simply means that you attract to you the things that you think about with the most focus and intensity. This is equally true for negative aspects as well as positive ones; like attracts like, regardless of how desirable or not these things are.

Many people are starting to use the power of the Law of Attraction to bring about positive and beneficial changes in their lives, focusing on areas ranging from relationships to careers, finances to health to academic achievements.

The Law of Attraction is not a quick-fix solution to your perceived problems, but involves a total change in the way that you think and act in order to craft a different future for yourself and this is only possible when you harness the potential of the subconscious. Changing the way that you think also involves changing who you are. How you feel about yourself governs your intentions and expectations, which in turn shape your reality and what you receive.

Living a happy, content existence, acting with goodness and kindness, and treating those around you with respect is vital for using the Law of Attraction to your advantage. If you are dissatisfied, unhappy, jealous, cruel, fearful, or have a tendency to display other negative qualities, these are the same things that you will attract back to you. If you think that your life is lacking, it will be. If you think that your life is rich and enjoyable, so it will be.

However to make life happy, healthy and wealthy, we have to leverage our inner powers which will bring out our potentials to the best of their abilities. Our inner subconscious thoughts and projections shape our outward realities.

Although our universal law works for all people, regardless of whether they are conscious of it, there are important ways in which you can tap into the powers and start using them to bring about positive changes to your life.

As I talked about unleashing the potential of inner powers, let me remind myself and the readers a very favourite quote in the word of Rumi:
'Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you!'


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