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Dear Friends,

Recently i have gone through many articles and more than 100 articles i have seen is of " which books is good and which ones to refer in order to clear the exams". I am one of those who has given 3 attempts in CA final exams. I want to share some realities in this matter..

Those friends who have faced the exams must be aware that while writing the paper we dont recall that any answer he/she knows is by refering to a particular book or notes? No, but they think how to write the ans.and whether he can attempt it or not.

Let me tell you friends we know that more than 5 authors for each subject and more than 100 coaching classes would be available everywhere for the CA course.

Now the main point is that we all have different ways and means of learning a particular subject.Every student must understand how his mind captures a particular thing(someone likes to read absoulte text,some like to read in tabular format,some like diagrams some like questions and ans.format and some like to read in conceptual format i.e.topicwise).

We must understand that different authors have different ways of explaining particular chapters.some authors explain through charts and diagrams.some in tabular formats.some through complex examples and some through simple lively examples. I would recommend every student before purchasing a material should scan thoroughly weather your mind is comfortable with the langauge,and you should not look at what others guided you to purchase a certain book. Spend enough time at bookstore. See all the authors,understand which book will suit your style.

Let me explain you through 3 examples.

1)  In my pe2 session all colleagues of mine read N.D.kapoor for law. It's a book with full of text.Whenever i read it i couldnt digest even a single word from it. just 1 month before exam i went to a book store,there i found a book where all chapters were explained through charts,diagrams and simple language. The author was M.P.Vijay kumar. Lately i came to know he was a famous author, but factly i scored highest among all the other subjects and cleared my exam. No,it was not luck..The thing was when writing the exact ans.in points format clicked me and i could just produce that answer that was just needed.

2) In my 1st 2 attempts of my final exam i read bangar for idt.But really my concepts were not cleared.i failed to score terifficaly,now in my 3rd attempt i went to book store there i found new author named Amit Arora 1st edition in bharat prakashan,my mind said i can understand the format explained through diagrams and charts. Though it was a full of risk decision. actually it was not as good as bangar.but i was comfortable to read it. but by miracle in exam each and every question i could recall so well, that i could  score above 55 marks. but i have not cleared my exams this time due to costing subject(which infact i am still failing to understand).

3)In audit i could never read padhuka.i heared about surbhi bansal.i had seen that. though only 300 pages book but all concepts got cleared.and i thought to get more practice in practicals so i went through suggested.i think it was enough to attempt the paper and it was a good decision too.

Even this is applicable for the classes you choose. Dont go by name of classes.attend free lectures and choose that professor that suits you. The professor that is able to make you understand just as you want(though he may not be famous) but i must say he is the best professor for you.

No one can gurantee you by reading which book you would pass. Only thing in exams they need is conceptual clarity. Conceptual clarity has no boundries. For some students just reading 1time he may understand and for other one maybe by reading 2nd or 3rd time. Same things can be understood in 100 pages or maybe 1000 pages(depending on the authors and notes that u get from classes).

so it would be a wise decision to choose books only that you know will suit your taste. Every author prepares books from institutes modules only, just difference is that some are better copier(i.e. they have caliber of explaining same things in different manner).

3 things matter in the exam:-

1. Conceptual clarity.

2. Lucid and effective presentation(A whole article can be written on this)

3. How to crack typical questions(this can be cracked only u know the subject very well)

In theories you can score 60+ provided you should know to impress your examiner.

I hope i am able to make my ideas clear.As this is my 1st article. I dont know whether you will like it. The views expressed above are totally my own thinking. Those who dont agree to this, please share your views and thoughts on this matter .

Thanking you,

Gourang shah

(CA Final Student)

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CA,CS Gourang Shah
(Auditor,Management Consultant)
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