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"I got a job in this company" I happily told my friend

"Why did you choose this? It's not good, its not going to help in your growth", he pointed out endless reasons that my decision was wrong and suddenly my happiness went out of the window...

I just replied, "Atleast I have a job now, it's better than sitting idle at home"

How many times you come across things which change your perception and you suddenly start questioning this emptiness which can only be created by "satisfaction".

You clear CPT or CA inter and are happy, but suddenly someone points out that CA FINAL is the toughest thing. You have still a long way to go.

Finally after few attempts you manage to become CA and you are told that its good that you have become CA but look at the number of attempts.

Now feel it, being CA Inter is better than being a only or not clearing CA inter.

Becoming CA even after 20 attempts is still better than not becoming CA.

The world is going to judge you anyhow. This feeling of satisfaction has to come from inside. You have to be satisfied with what you have got or achieved; its still better than not achieving it.

When I started to write a book, I was told that it was not an easy job. I ignored it and wrote it and then I was told that publishing is the toughest thing. I went for e-publishing and published it. I was told that writing and CA are two different things. I completed CA too. Then I was told that job which I got although was paying good was not good for my growth.The answer is still awaited..!!

Some feel happy even after being a daily wager and earning hand to mouth only while some remain restless even after earning in lakhs.

It's a matter of choice. 

It's not that people are good or bad. It's about their perceptions towards lives that counts. They are saying it because they don't realize the worth of a thing in your hand.

Sometimes you need to work silently and not to let this world define the word "happiness" for you.

Work hard towards your goal which gives you that feeling of satisfaction and happiness because eventually it's your life and you are responsible for it.

I got motivated by a 35 year old individual who cleared CA and became successful. I had lost all hope of a comeback in life because I was judging my level of happiness from the eyes of others. Had i not heard to my inner voice, I won't have been able to make it again.

If you are failing that doesn't define you. It's your rise after a setback that defines your character.

The success delayed is always better than success denied.

So work according to your own definition of happiness, put your heart into it and just not see yourself from the eyes of others.

You may fail n number of times, but feel the strength of your character that you are still better than those who have given up.


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CA Anurag Sharma
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