Excel Download Table 8A | Details of GSTR-9

CA.KIRANKUMAR R N , 20 August 2020  

Now you can download the document details from auto-populated from GSTR-2A in Table 8A of GSTR-9 in excel format.

How does it help?

You can reconcile the difference in ITC shown in Table 8A and available in GSTR-2A.

How to navigate in GST portal?

Services > Returns > Annual Returns > Form GSTR-9 (Prepare Online) > Download Table 8A Document Details.

Generated excel will be downloaded as a zip file, in case of less documents or else in multiple chunks.

Data saved/submitted in GSTR-1/5/6 by supplier will be shown in Form GSTR-2A, but will not be shown in excel file of Table 8A of Form GSTR-9.

Document reported after cut-off date are not accounted for ITC. Such documents are not part this excel life.

Excel Download Table 8A   Details of GSTR-9

What the contents are in the excel file?

Sheet-1: Read Me - Instructions on using the functionality
Sheet-2: B2B Invoices - Details uploaded by suppliers
Sheet-3: B2BA - Amendment of B2B invoices
Sheet-4: CDNR - Details of Credit/Debit notes issued by supplier
Sheet-5: CDNRA - Amendment of Credit/Debit notes

What are the reasons for non-availability of ITC?

  1. Reverse charge document: When the supplier has filed the document in GSTR-1 indicating the supply as reverse charge.
  2. POS lies in supplier's State: When the supplier's State code and POS lie in the same State, but recipient's State is different.
  3. GSTIN is amended: When the supplier has amended the GSTIN, credit shall be available to amended GSTIN only.
  4. Invoice date is after supplier's cancellation: When the document date is after the effective date of cancellation of supplier.
  5. ITC showing in GSTR-2A but not available in table 8A of GSTR-9 for FY 2018-19: Check if your supplier has filed GSTR-1 or GSTR-5 after the cut-off date, 31st October 2019.

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