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DEMYSTIFYING the ‘Secret of Market’ to make Money effortlessly….it’s amazing!!

If the Market is a ‘mystery’ to the Investors then there is always a clue inside it to decipher the same and the only thing investor should do is to recognize the clue inside it, work out the ideal strategy and get the profits out of it.

So firstly, we try to understand what the ‘mystery of the market’ is – Mystery defines “something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain” and the same applies to Stock Market as well. It’s hard to predict the movement of ‘Stock market’ and ‘prices of shares’ which go up/down sharply based on several internal and external factors where a normal investor can’t able to judge the zigzag of price movements and due to this they stuck-up with their money in the market (pick news based shares) and gradually put their entire investment on stake.

Now we should put emphasis on how to ‘decode the mystery’ – Is it possible for a ‘normal investor’ to decipher the mystery of ‘Stock Market’? Large number of Investors thinks that it is only a game of FII’s/DII’s/HNI’s who are actually run the market and normal investors are just like a finger-puppet who are easily trapped in the game of these fat players. So what options left with ‘normal investors’ to make returns on their investments –

1. Should he pick the news based stocks recommended by experts?

2. Pick self based stocks with painstaking analysis?

None of them is accurate and consistent so how one should protect their Investment with huge returns…..

Here is the right approach to secure your investment….to get them “INSURED”, yes!!! This is what which is decoding the mystery.

Have u ever heard to get your stocks insured like a CAR, House etc, it’s possible for the stocks as well. First lookout the benefits –

- Intelligent approach to invest money as the sole objective of ‘insurance’ is to protect of your investment in case anything untoward happens.

- Saves a lot of time of investors (no need to watch nonstop TV program to track your investments).

- Stress free investment approach (this will protect you against worsen situations like ‘Satyam scam’) etc.

- Huge returns, automatically comes without any efforts.

- Beneficial for traders/investors with a short term and long term vision.

- You are not seeking an Insurance company to get it done but ‘you can do it yourself’ just like you buy/sell the shares and also it’s authorized and governed by SEBI.

Example –

Mr. ‘A’ buy 500 RELIANCE shares @ 1000 with a investment of 5 lacs and buy an Insurance amounting Rs 10k (premium). Now if the stock jumps to 1100 levels, his make the gain of (100x500=50k-10k = 40k) and now if stock crashed to 500 levels, his loss is only upto Rs 10k not (500x500=250k). It means if the stock jumps only 20 points he would break-even his premium amount and rest is his profit. So he keeps his investment always secure and safe with maintaining this awesome approach with systematic way.

Now last but not least “how to get that Insurance” – It’s so simple just pick up your phone right away without wasting any time and dial 9910997045 to learn furthermoreJ.

“If you want to be rich, you need to be a business owner and an investor.”


Inder Jain (Strategy Expert)



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