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Once upon a time mai or mere failures aksar ye baatein kiya karte the tum na hote to kya hota.

My dear bad experiences and failures …Happy Teachers Day to you….You two words are the biggest teachers of my life. You know what, when you came into my life everyone started doubting on me, some lost trust in me and some even left me and….and that was the time when  you held my hand tightly and taught me the following best lessons of my life:

“Mistakes”:  Because of you only I was able to figure out my mistakes. I was able to analyze all the mistakes I did and started working on them.

“Weaknesses”: You introduced me to my all the weakness which I turned into my strengths.

“Prepared me for challenges”: Because of you only I learned life is not smooth and easy as we think and I have to be ready for all the challenges.

“Learning”: You know what, if necessity is the mother of invention, failure is the father. Every time I used to fail, I tried to find different and new ways to succeed and while finding them I always learned something new thing.

“Acceptance”: And yes best thing you taught me is “Acceptance”. Accepting failure or defeat is not that easy. It is never a good feeling. In fact, this feeling can be downright gut-wrenching. But you taught me that Failure is acceptable and if handled properly it can be the biggest reason for “Success” too.

It is said that behind every successful man there is women…but I would say that behind every successful Man and women there is a great story of failure. In fact, learning is more effective in failure than in success. It brings out the best version of you. I can’t think of anyone that hasn’t failed at least at something.

“I can accept failure, But I can’t accept not trying”

These were my failure lessons, what’s yours?
Stay Positive, Stay Connected :)

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CS Aarti Jain
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