Deadlines for ITC Claim and Reversal For FY 2022-23

Mitali , 15 November 2023  

Input Tax Credit (ITC) is a mechanism in the taxation system that allows businesses to offset the taxes they have paid on inputs (such as raw materials, goods, or services) against the taxes they are liable to pay on their output. In other words, it enables a business to claim a credit for the taxes paid on purchases, reducing the overall tax liability.

Input Tax Credit (ITC) restrictions are outlined in GSTR-2B under Section 38. The revised time limit to claim ITC on invoices or debit notes for a financial year is the earlier of two dates: 30th November of the following year or the date of filing annual returns. This means that a taxpayer cannot claim ITC for invoices or debit notes related to goods or services after the 30th of November following the end of the financial year or the filing of the relevant annual return, whichever comes first. 

As the November 30, 2023, deadline for the financial year 2022-23 approaches, taxpayers should ensure compliance with GST regulations related to Input Tax Credit (ITC). It's crucial to review and claim eligible ITC on invoices or debit notes before the specified deadline to meet regulatory requirements and maximize tax benefits.

To meet the deadline for the financial year 2022-23 and ensure compliance with GST regulations on Input Tax Credit (ITC), taxpayers should take the following timely actions:

Review Invoices and Debit Notes

  • Check and verify all invoices and debit notes for goods or services. 
  • Identify eligible Input Tax Credit (ITC) by ensuring that the invoices meet the necessary GST requirements.
Deadlines for ITC Claim and Reversal For FY 2022-23

Reconcile Books and GST Returns

  • Match the ITC claimed in the GSTR 3B return with the ITC recorded in the company’s accounting books. 
  • Ensure accuracy and compliance with GST regulations through a thorough reconciliation process.


  • Maintain proper documentation, including valid invoices and supporting documents, for all eligible ITC claims.
  • Robust documentation is essential for proving the legitimacy of ITC claims during audits or assessments.

Timely Filing

  • Submit any pending GST returns, including regular and annual returns, on time.
  • Timely filing is crucial for facilitating the claim of Input Tax Credit and avoiding penalties for late submissions.

Rectify Discrepancies

  • Identify and rectify any discrepancies or errors in previous filings promptly.
  • Claim all eligible ITC and reverse any ineligible ITC to ensure accurate and compliant filings.

Communication with Suppliers

  • Engage in communication with suppliers to address issues related to missing or incorrect invoices.
  • Obtain necessary documents from suppliers to support ITC claims and maintain a smooth flow of transactions.

Review GSTR-2B Data

  • Thoroughly review the GSTR-2B data and compare it with the purchase register.
  • Address any discrepancies between GSTR-2B and the purchase register promptly to avoid potential issues with ITC claims.

Items Ineligible for Input Tax Credit (ITC) Claims

Input Tax Credit (ITC) is not allowed on:

  • Services related to motor vehicle maintenance, insurance, and repair.
  • Specific categories like food, beverages, catering, beauty treatment, health services, and cosmetic surgery, unless part of a composite supply.
  • Memberships in clubs, health/fitness centers.
  • Rent-a-cab, health & life insurance, unless mandated by law or part of a composite supply.
  • Leasing/hiring of vehicles, vessels, or aircraft, except in certain cases.
  • Travel benefits for employees on vacation.
  • Works contract services for immovable property construction.
  • Goods/services for personal use.
  • Goods/services under the composition scheme.
  • Non-resident taxable person's transactions.
  • Goods lost, stolen, destroyed, or disposed of without consideration.
  • ITC not available if tax paid due to fraud or willful misstatements etc.

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