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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a global threat that has triggered a health alarm worldwide and has taken the world by storm with numerous cases detected worldwide. The calamity which originated in China’s Wuhan is evidently the epicentre of this pandemic is now a global health emergency. Since its discovery in December 2019 and as of May 2020, a total of 35,29,408 cases have been reported (in accordance with applied definitions and testing strategies laid down by the WHO), out of which 2,48,025 have succumbed to the lethal virus.. Most States, including ours have declared a total lockdown to mitigate the risks of this pandemic. Owing to strict enforcement of the lockdown in India, which was appreciated by world leaders alike across various international fora and has curbed the community spread of the disease to a considerably dangerous level, India presently only has 42,836 confirmed cases and casualties stand at 1,389. While it is too early to assess the damage caused by this pandemic, there are signs that it will permanently change the way society functions. Judging by its impact on the global economy to our daily lives, it can be safely concluded that COVID-19 will completely change how we consume, how we learn, how we work, and how we socialize & communicate. The lockdown which had initially been implemented for three weeks, has now been extended twice now and has affected our lifestyle in many ways. We have been directed to stay at home, isolated from friends & family and observe social distancing to ensure everyone’s safety. We have been advised to drink sufficient water for boosting our immunity and eat healthy and home-cooked food since all the restaurants and fast food places have been closed down indefinitely on account of the nationwide lockdown. This phase of lockdown definitely matters to each and every one of us currently in the nation.


The lockdown has changed our lifestyle in many ways. It has put strict restrictions on all our preferences — what we eat, where we go, and much more. It is a dire need of the hour to become increasingly responsible regarding maintaining hygienic habits and help others in upholding them. One of the biggest lessons we should take away from this time is to continue our habits related to maintaining hygiene and observe social distancing keeping in mind the needs of individuals suffering from Claustrophobia. Moreover, we have also been asked to adopt protective measures like wearing masks, washing our hands at regular intervals, etc. to prevent the spread of the virus. So here I would like to discuss the social impact that this pandemic has had and enumerate upon some of the visible changes resulting from it. Improving Food Habits and Food Cycle We come across a number of food junkies in our daily lives, some of whom like street food while some like spending their time in the best restaurants and cafes in and around the city. But this has been rendered completely impossible in light of the current circumstances of the spread of the coronavirus.

Under complete lockdown, imposed by the administration, places of public gathering like hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes have been temporarily shut down. Many of us, however, have embraced cooking our favourite dishes and have been considerably successful in doing the same. It has made us more self-reliant as individuals and shows our capability of adapting to tough times like these with limited resources without losing out zeal and hope for good times ahead.

Venturing out for Essentials Shopping was a fun activity before the outbreak of Coronavirus and most of us were fond of visiting the shopping malls or even the local grocery shop to buy various commodities. But, going out to shop in the phase of lockdown has become an emergency activity. We now shop only for essentials as we can seldom venture out. Now this activity requires observing a strict protocol, i.e. taking the prescribed precaution of wearing masks (preferably N-95 grade) and gloves and maintaining a suitable distance from individuals at the concerned shops.

In the phase of COVID-19, one can’t go out without making sure of one’s safety. Freedom, symbolized by venturing out of our homes in a carefree manner, is one such thing that has always been taken for granted. I've now started to empathize with animals locked up in zoological gardens who’ve been caged for the petty reason of filling State Coffers. From this point on every one of us should be thankful for our freedom and show a sense of gratitude to people who ensure that we enjoy our freedom to the maximum.

The way we greet people Greeting is one of the most basic yet important ways of addressing people we’ve either met for the first time or those who are our friends and acquaintances. Most of us prefer shaking hands or hugging our acquaintances to greet them but in the wake of the health emergency that COVID19 has caused, it may be considered as an act of ignorance. Since the virus is transmitted through fluid dispersed in the air while coughing or sneezing and by being near to people, we might become a medium.

The Indian way of greeting by folding our hands and saying Namaste is becoming vogue across the world. Social Distancing is the way forward, owing to the prevailing situation and Namaste conveys the equal level of courtesy, if not more as hugging or a handshake. It would be fitting to conclude with a very well known Sanskrit phrase, “सर्वे जना सुखिनो भर्वन्तू” and wish for global well-being. I along with the entire C.A. Students’ Fraternity wish for the entire world to return to Normalcy as soon as possible.

We as responsible and sensitive individuals should start making honest efforts in being kind towards our nature as well as our fellow beings. Though any amount of gratitude and thankfulness would not suffice the amount of sacrifice our Corona Warriors have made and continue to do so by staying away from their families and keeping our lives priority over theirs, we are indebted to their services till our last breath. Let us Collectively laud their efforts by staying inside our respective homes so as to Lessen their workload.

Keep Quarantining and being the awesome Indian that you are!

Thank You!


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Utkarsh Rai
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