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Covering Letter to your Resume

What is a covering letter

A covering letter is a brief (maximum one page) letter to be sent along with the resume to likely employers. The purpose of the covering letter is to present yourself to likely employer and to let him know what position you are interested in and why you would be a good fit for that position.

Covering Letter Format

There is no specific format for the covering letter but it should be almost identical to the regular business letter formats.

Covering Letter Writing

Generally the covering letter will consist of two or three paragraphs, where you may start with an introduction which introduces you, type of the position you are looking for and how you heard about vacancy and why you are interested in the position and/or company.

You can keep writing the second paragraph giving information on your skill, strengths, education, qualifications and/or experience. This paragraph should be concise and give specific examples of why you are the ideal candidate. Please note that you should not simply restate your resume again.

The next and final paragraph should end the letter by requesting an interview and possibly suggestion times that are convenient for you or stating that you can come in at a time that's convenient for the employer. Also you should let the recipient know what the best way and/or time to contact you is (however, you should let them know both your contact email and phone number so that they can contact you in their preferred method). Or you can let them that you'll follow up on this letter with a phone call in several days.

Before ending the letter, you should thank them for their time given to the letter.

You should also note that:

1. Each covering letter that you send out should be unique.

2. It should be tailored to the specific company and position you are applying to.

3. Using one cookie cutter (Same appearance) covering letter will abridge your chances for landing an interview.

4. Check for grammar and spelling.

5. Keep the letter to one page in length.

6. Don't attach covering letter when you are sending resume via e-mail, instead just paste it in the body of e-mail.

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