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First of all Hats off to the patience and dedications towards your hard work. You all are the fighters who don't believe in giving up and that is why only you were able to give your final exams. You all did loads and loads of hard work, sacrifices to add this prefix called "CA". Your name was given by the parents which were not in your control but yes adding this prefix is still in your control and now the time has come to add those prefix. The time has come to call yourself CA ".........."

Ohh yes….now you all must be thinking how can you be so sure about it. How you just simply say it. It will hurt more if we fail… you all are thinking in that way only  …know....?   But guys let me tell you one thing somewhere deep inside in our heart we all know the result. We can hide the truth from the world but not from ourselves. And who understand this I am sure to have already started preparing for it.

You know what success never depends on the result. You can not tell yourself successful by earning this Degree only until and unless you truly live for it. There are so many people who get a degree at the age of 21 and struggles till 30. I know CA is tough and adding this prefix is the toughest but what I am trying to say here is this is not the end. Life has so many surprises for all of us yaar.

I have seen people who are CA, CS but not enjoying their life, not liking their jobs or business they are into. Look around yourself people are at the highest position, and maybe getting high pay also but in the end, they are the part of rat race only. They never satisfy. The greed is growing day by day. This is not success guys; success means to enjoy each and every stage of life, to live each and every stage without being a part of the rat race and trust me this is more difficult than getting a degree.“Bheed ka part banke nhi, bheed se hatt k chalo'  then feel the difference.  Then you will realize passing CA was just a phase, there are so many other important things to live in life.

So by concluding this long lecture, I would say live in the present moment. Enjoy it to the most. Don't waste your time on thinking about the negative result. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. The race is long and in the end, it's only with yourself.' Don't stress too much because life has many good surprises for all of us and we just need an eye for that…:) 

Don't just win the exams. Win your life, Rule your life.
Stay Positive, Stay Connected :)

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Automated Data Entry into Tally, Zoho Books, Quickbooks
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