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The Corporate Identity Number also known as company registration number i.e the unique identification number of company, issued by Registrar of Companies. By looking at the CIN number itself, anyone can identify many details of the company i.e its type, year of Incorporation, state of registration, industry type, registration number.

CIN number consists of 21 alphanumeric characters.

1st character: The first character is a alphabet with L for listed company or U for unlisted company.

Next 5 characters: The next five characters are digits show the industry to which the company belongs to.

For list of available industries and their codes follow the link below:

Next 2 characters: The next two characters are alphabets that describe the state to which the company has been registered. For example DL for Delhi, TN for Tamil Nadu, RJ for Rajasthan, MH for Mumbai, Maharashtra, PN for Pune Maharashtra . In case of two ROC in a state, the ROC where the company is registered can also be identified.

Next 4 characters: The next four characters are digits depicts the year when the company is being incorporated.

Next 3 characters: The next three characters are alphabets narrate whether the company is Public limited company (PLC) or Private Limited Company (PTC) & FTC in case of branch office of foreign company.

Last 6 characters: The last six characters are digits depict the registration number issued by ROC during the registration of company.


Public Limited Company

CIN of Future Retail Limited: L52399MH1987PLC044954

  • L= Listed Company
  • 52399= Industry type: Other retail sale in specialized stores.
  • MH= state code: Mumbai, (Maharashtra).
  • 1987= year of incorporation
  • PLC= Public Limited Company
  • 044954= RoC registration number.

Private Limited Company

CIN of Practo Technologies Private Limited: U72900KA2008PTC046374

  • U= Unlisted Company
  • 72900= Other computer related activities [for example maintenance of websites of other firms/ creation of multimedia presentations for other firms etc.]
  • KA= state code: Karnataka
  • 2008= year of incorporation
  • PTC= Private Limited Company
  • 046374= RoC registration number.

Branch office of Foreign Company.

CIN of Coca Cola India Private Limited: U15549PN1992FTC065522

  • U= Unlisted Company
  • 15549= Industry type: Manufacture of other non-alcoholic beverages.
  • PN= Pune, (Maharashtra)
  • 1992= year of incorporation
  • FTC= Branch office of Foreign Company.
  • 065522= RoC registration number.


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