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Dear Professional colleagues,

Please find below some useful sample Main object clauses for the drafting of your Memorandum and Article of Association in Companies Act, 2013. This article is very handy for all the professionals. You may bookmark this article for quick reference. You may download sample Memorandum and Article of Association as per Companies Act, 2013 from the link given below:

Sample Memorandum and Articles of Association Draft

This Article is in continuation of my previous 2 articles on the same subject which is available at the below mentioned link:

Company Law- Some useful Main object clause -I

Company Law- Some Useful Main Object Clause -II

1. Agricultural equipment

To carry on the business of and dealers in agricultural pump sets, machine parts, accessories, ancillaries stores and spares, agricultural, mining, industrial and other machines and all type of tools, plants equipment, instruments, appliances and hardware, of all kinds, general fittings, accessories and appliances of all description made of metals, alloys glasses, synthetic and other fibers, chemicals and PVC compounds plastic or any other material, packing and re-packing of any chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and/ or aforesaid goods.

2. Animal feed

To carry on the business of manufacturers, dealer, importers, exporter in animal feed, poultry feed, pig feed, compounded or mixed feed, minerals, vitamins protein food etc. sugar glucose, starch fattening preparations of every description, artificial manures and fertilisers, oil cake crushers, seed crushers, oil extractors, ginners, treacle manufacturers, feed specials, cake and meal merchants, millers, bakers, chemists and seed corn grain, flour, hay, straw, flax cotton, and oil merchants and manufacturers of cases, casks, drums barrels, bags and sacks, etc.

3. Animal products

To carry on in India or else where the business to manufacture, establish, produce, process, protect, preserve, manage, tin-pack, clean, commercialise, cure, cut, powder, treat, disinfect and to act as agent, broker, importers, exporters, buyers, sellers, consultant, job worker, market man or otherwise to deal in all types of animal products, by-products, and waste including brush from brush making hairs and bristles of pigs, hogs, and boars, horse hair and horse hair waste, guts, bladders and stomach of animals, snews and tendons and similar waste or raw hides and skins, feather and other parts of birds bones and horn cones of animals, horns, antlers, hooves, nails, claws and beaks of animals, ivory, its powder and waste, tortoise shell, claws and waste of tortoise shell, fats of brovine cattle, sheep or goats, lard steari, oleosearin and tallow stearin, landoil, oleco oil and fallow oil, fats and oils of fish and marine mammals or vegetable oils and fats, sausages and the like material of meat, meat offal or animal blood, meat extracts and meat juices, fish extracts, prepared or preserved fish including caviar and caviar substitutes, crustaceans and mollases prepared or preserved and other similar and allied goods, articles and things and to do all such incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of the above objects.

4. Auctioneers

To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to promote, establish, organise, conduct, undertake, manage in India or abroad the business of auctioneers, surveyors, loss assessors and appraisers of all kinds of movable or immovable assets, goods, merchandise, chattels and to do all necessary acts and things for the attainment of above objects.

5. Beverages

To carry on the business of manufacturers, researchers, consultants, importers, exporters, distributors, stockiest, dealers, franchise holders, bottlers, rebottlers, packers, extractors, pulpers, crushers, grinder of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, fruit juices, fruit pulp, milk, jams,. jelly, sauce, concentrates and flavors (liquid and powder form), food colours, aerated water, green vegetables etc.

6. Blankets

To carry on the business of dyers, printers and bleachers by modern methods utilising plant powered by electricity, steam, gas or by any other method and generally to wash, clean, purify, scour, bleach, dry, iron, colour, dye, disinfect and prepare for use in blankets made up of all wool, acrylic, blends thereof, cotton, synthetic, woolen fabrics, knit wears, garments of all kinds.

7. Boilers parts

To carry on the business of manufacturing high pressure heating surfaces for high pressure and medium pressure boilers and to do fabrication of coils out of seamless and ERW pipes, preparation of bends for boilers used for reconditioning of boilers and to do fabrication and reconditioning of heat exchangers, condenser retubing, valve reconditioning and manufacture of valves.

8. Basic drugs and chemicals

To manufacture, produce, refine, process, formulate, buy, sell, import, export or otherwise deal in basic drugs, phyto chemicals, plant extracts, dues, pesticides and their intermediates, laboratory and scientific chemicals used or cable of being used in the pharmaceuticals, textiles, agriculture, fertilizers, petrochemicals or any other industry and trade or laboratory including industrial chemicals or any other mixture, derivatives and compound thereof.

To carry on the business, as manufacturers of and dealers in and importers, and exporters of all kinds of basic drugs, drug intermediates, any chemicals, heavy or fine, organic, agro-chemicals, aromatic chemicals, dyes and dyes intermediates, pharmaceuticals, medicinal, herbal, bacteriological, biological, chemicals and all allied chemicals and products thereof.

9. Cables

To carry on the manufacture, trade, sale, import and export of all types of telecommunication and power cables including jelly filled cables, fiber optic cables, dry core cables, coaxial cables, switch board cables, radio frequency cables, cables for PCM system, electronic cables, telephone handset cords, computer cords, cords required for electrical appliances and defence purpose, aerial self-supporting cables, jumper wires, drop wires, tinsel conductors, ribbon cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, signaling cables, winding wires, aircraft and ship wiring cables and all other types of wires and cables and raw materials used in optical telecommunications.

To carry on the manufacture, trade, sale, import, export and repair of all types of testing equipment for all types of cables and conductors including electric wires, jelly filled cables, fiber optic cables, optical fibers and also testing equipment for optical fiber system and optical fiber transmission and distribution network.

To carry on the business of manufacturer, buy or otherwise acquire, sell, import, export, distribute, deal in and dispose of and turn to account, produce ACSR, all aluminium and copper conductors, aluminium and copper winding wires, stripes, covered conductors and wires, cables telephonic and telegraphic cables and underground cables, and all other materials used in the manufacture of the above items as dealers in or manufacturers of any other articles or things of character similar or analogous to the foregoing or any of them or connected therewith.

10. Capsules

To carry on the business namely manufacture, distribution, sale, import and export of gelatin and gelatin capsules, pharmaceuticals, medicinal chemicals, biological, immunological and therapeutic preparations and to carry on the business as manufacturers, importers, exporters of/and dealers in drugs, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and apparatus and spare parts used in producing drugs, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and in particular hard and soft gelatin capsules and containers.

To carry on the business as manufacturers of and dealers in all kinds of capsules including hard and soft two pieces, telescopic, pharmaceutical capsules and to carry on the business as manufacturers of and dealers in all raw material used in capsules including gelatin and all pure and impure form of materials and to deal in or carry on business of all types of products capable of being packed in capsules including pharmaceuticals, drugs and chemicals.

11. Caps, Seal Manufacture

To carry on the business of Manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, dealers, traders, distributors, designer, developer, importers, exporters for all types of Crown caps, all types of caps, closures, seals of various ranges and made of aluminum, plastic, metals, boards, papers, polythene and other such materials and to carry on business for pouches, sachets, tetra packets, cartons, boxes, corrugated boxes, carry bags, jumbo

bags of polythin, jute, cotton or any other materials and all other type of packing materials, seals and to carry on the business of printers, designers, architects, developers for making, developing and marketing of that product whether manufactured by own or done on job basis for other suppliers, and to enter into techno commercial collaboration with any such other firms or companies in India and foreign to take or provide technical know how and financial arrangements and marketing of the said products.

12. Chemicals and apparatus

To carry on the business of importers, exporters, manufacturers and dealers in pharmaceuticals, medical, pathological, clinical, industrial and other chemicals and to carry on the business as manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors and dealers in chemical, surgical and scientific apparatus and material.

13. Civil consultants

To carry on the business as professional, consultants, on construction of multistoried buildings, bridges, roads, dams, houses, bungalows, hotels, residential & commercial complex, industrial sheds, and workings as architectural engineers, assessors, valuers, surveyors, designers.

14. Cloth processing

To carry on the business as manufacturers, purchasers, importers, exporters, buyers, sellers, stockists, agents and dealers of all kinds of cotton, blended, synthetic, gray, bleached, dyed and printed cloth, industrial fabrics and also to undertake the work as processors of all kinds of gray and hosiery cloth either cotton, synthetic, silk or woolen cloth or any other kind of fabric and to carry on business and processors of various types of suitings, shirtings, curtain cloth, bed sheets, towels, sarees, furnishing cloth, dress material and also handloom cloth on or account as well as on job basis.

To carry on the business of manufacturers, purchasers and dealers of all kinds of gray, bleached cloth, dyed cloth, printed cloth, calendar cloth and also to undertake the work as processing of all kinds of gray cloth, hosiery cloth either cotton, synthetic, silk or woolen or any other fabrics and to carry on the business as processors of various types of sarees, curtain cloths, bed sheets, towels, furnishing cloth etc and handloom cloths.

15. Containers

To carry on the business as manufacturers, producers, processors, converters, importers, exporters and to produce, buy, sell, trade, contract, alter, repair, mould and deal in tin, wooden, cardboard, plastic, moulded, paper, iron, ferrous and non-ferrous and all other types of containers, boxes, wrappers, strappings, luggages, barrel, trunks and almirahs.

16. Dry-cleaners and launderers

To establish, own, run, promote, conduct, install & maintain, cleaning shops, places, agencies and to carry on in India or abroad the business as dry cleaners, dyers, launderers & washerman in all its branches for all kinds of costumes, garments, fabrics, wearing apparels & clothes whether made of woolen, silken, cotton, synthetic materials or any combination thereof and to purchase, sell or otherwise to deal in incidental goods connected with the foregoing activities and to do all such acts and things necessary for the attainment of above objects.

17. Electric lamps and components

To carry on the business as manufacturers, producers, processors, importers, exporters, buyers, sellers and dealers in lights and its components such as electric lamps, tube lights, caps, filaments, lead in wires, tungsten, molybdenum dumet and any other wire connected with lamp components or any other use, glass shells, glass tubes, glass rods, and other allied products and articles that may be used in the manufacture of electric lamps.

18. Electric power

To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to generate, receive, produce, improve, buy, sell, resell, acquire, use, transmit, accumulate, employ, distribute, develop, handle, protect, supply and to act as agent, broker, representative, consultants, collaborator, or otherwise to deal in electric power in all its branches of such place or places as may be permitted by appropriate authorities by establishments of thermal power plants, hydraulic power plants, and other power plants based on any source of energy as may be developed or invented in future.

To construct, lay down, establish, promote, erect, build, install, commission, carry out and run all necessary power substations, workshops, repair shops, wires, cables, transmission lines, accumulators, street lights for the purpose of conservation, distribution, and supply of electricity of participating industries, state electricity boards and other boards for industrial, commercial, domestic, public and other purposes and also to provide regular services for repairing and maintenance of all distribution and supply lines.

To acquire concessions, facilities or licenses from electricity boards, government, semi governments or local authorities for generation, distribution, production, transmission or use of electric power and to take over along with all moveable and immovable properties, the existing facilities on mutually agreed terms from aforesaid authorities and to do all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of foregoing objects.

19. Engineering contractors

To carry on the business of engineering contractors undertaking and executing contract works of construction of building — residential, commercial, or industrial or roads, bridges and other super structures and installation of al types of structures, foundations including piling on behalf of various organisations, contractors, engineers, architects, surveyors, designers, decorators and of government (state and central) government undertakings, local bodies in any part of India or of the world or otherwise assist or take part in construction, maintenance, development, working, control and management thereof.

20. Fats and edible oils

To carry on the business of manufacture of vegetable products, margarines, vanaspati and all kinds of fat and oleaginous emulsions and to buy, sell, manufacture, refine, prepare and deal in all kinds of fats edible oils and oleaginous substance.

21. Chemicals

To manufacture, produce, refine, process, formulate, acquire, convert, sell, distribute, import, export, deal in either as principals or agents in organic and inorganic chemicals, alkalis, acids, gases, petrochemicals, salts, electro-chemicals, chemical elements and compound pesticides, insecticides, explosives, light and heavy chemicals of any nature used or capable of being used in the pharmaceuticals, textile industry, defence chemicals, fertilisers, petrochemicals and industrial chemicals and pesticides and insecticides, solvents of any mixtures derivatives and compounds thereof.

To manufacture, produce, refine, process, formulate, buy, sell, export, import or otherwise deal in heavy and light chemicals, chemical elements and compounds, including without limiting to the generality of foregoing laboratory and scientific chemicals or any of any nature used in the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture chemicals, glass and ceramic industries, tiles, poultry feeds, cattle feeds, rubber and paints, chemicals or any mixture, derivatives and compounds thereof including calcite, feldspar, dolomite, gypsum, quartz, silicon, earth, rock phosphate, soap-stone etc;.

22. Cinema and theatre

To build, construct and erect Studios, Theaters, Cinema Halls Music Halls, Open air Theatres and other places of entertainment and to carry on all or any of the business of Theatres, Music Halls, Cinema, Picture Palace, Film producing Studio and to promote, produce, represent, conducting, performance and exhibition of cinematograph or stereoscopic or coloured or bioscope, pictures, films, operate as & stage plays and other entertainment as the Company may from time to time think fit and to permit the Company's premises to be used for all or any of the above purpose and such other purposes as may be deemed expedient.

23. Cold storage

To carry on the business of producing, growing, dealing, exporting, importing, stocking, trading, distributing, storing and preserving of potatoes, fresh vegetables, agricultural products, fruits, dry fruits, oil seeds, spices, fruit juices, ice candy, ice cream and other ice products, carbonated, aerated mineral water, dairy products, wines, liquors and other alcoholic and synthetic drinks, bardanas, hessians in cold storage.

24. Computers

To own, manage and run computer training and data processing centers and to act as consultants, advisors, developers and traders in computer programming, system development, system design, system architecture, software designing, computer aided designs, data compilation and statistical analysis and to carry on the business of traders, developers, assemblers, repairs, importers, exporters of software packages, computer systems, computer peripherals, computer parts, computer consumables and electronic communication systems, data publishing and processing systems and other industrial automation systems and gadgets.

25. Computer consultancy

To carry on and engage in the business at its own or in association with any Indian or foreign agency, individuals, firm, company or Govt. undertaking either in India or abroad and to act as franchise agent for electronic information technology development, upgradation, manufacturing, processing and up gradation of hardware, software, web-site, web-page, internet, e-mail, online electronic communication systems, data processing, developing, producing, generating, manufacturing and dealing in all types of the computer hard wares, softwares, computer stationery and to run and operate the computer hardware and software training institute for the training of the Computer operations, development, up gradation of softwares, Training of SAP packages, ERP packages, accounting, other packages and programming in India and abroad.

To provide consultancy services related to the preparation and maintenance of accounting, statistical or mathematical information and reports, data processing, computer programming and all other related business.

26. Contractors

To carry on the business of contractors, sub-contractors, quasi contractors whether for government or for semi government bodies or corporation or company or society or body corporate or firms or individuals or schools or clubs or other bodies or private works and to undertake contracts and sub contracts relating to construction, modification, repairing, alteration, construction, removal, redecoration, redesigning, enlarging, improving and designing of civil work, building for whatever use, roads, approach roads, streets, circles, squares, parks, gardens, statues, parking places, bridges, dams, water courses and reservoirs, tunnels, earth works, sewers, tanks, drains, sewage, light houses, towers, transmission towers, pipe lines, under ground cables, railway tracks, railway sidings, run ways ship yards, stock yards, culverts, channels whether on turnkey basis or on labour contracts or otherwise.

27. Courier services

To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to provide, commercialize, control, develop, establish, handle, operate, hold, pack, organise, promote, service, supervise, represent and to act as agent, concessionaires, consultants, booking agents or deal in all types of courier activities in all its branches for collecting and delivering either by own arrangements or through representatives or agents, any documents, goods, articles or things on behalf of customers from one place to another place in any part of the world and to do all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of foregoing objects.

28. Diagnostic center

To carry on the business of rendering various services relating to treatment of ailments including in particular to run nursing homes, hospitals, operation theaters, pathological laboratories, X-ray clinics, research centers and cardiographic and sonographic centers.

29. Educational institutions

To carry on educational institution like school, college, coaching classes and to carry on courses in all subjects or branches of engineering, science medical, commerce, industrial, commercial, arts, management and any other faculty of education ad to run Management and Computer training institutions.

30. Fitness/health center

To acquire, establish and maintain health care and slimming centers, gymnasiums, massage parlor, body care center, barber shop, beauty parlor, mini sports boutique including swimming pool, library and to provide the services relating to weight loosing and gaining programmes, modern gadgetries and aerobics, yoga techniques for improving health, sauna, stem and jacuzzi baths for clients.

31. General merchant

To deal in any commodities, substances, articles, merchandise, goods, and things whether solid or liquid or gaseous, as agents, commission agents, forwarding agents, clearing agents, distributors, warehousemen, licencees, merchants, traders, sales organisers, representatives of manufacturers of commodities, goods articles, materials and things and for that purpose to buy, to sell exchange, market, pledge, distribute, install, service, maintain, or otherwise deals in commodities, goods articles and things and to carry on the agency business.

32. Glass and glass products

To carry on all or any of the business of manufacturers, importers, exporters and dealers in glass, glass products including sheets and plate glass, optical glass, glass wool, laboratory ware, bottles, jars, containers, thermobottles, enamel ware and receptacles of all kinds.

To carry on the business of manufacturers or dealers in glass products including sheet and plate glass, optical glass, glass work, laboratory were ceramic product, glass wool, fibre glass, porcelain wares, glass tiles and refractories.

33. Hospital

To own, establish, run, manage, and maintain, hospitals, research centers, diagnostic centers, blood bank service centers, immunisation centers, medical and other research centers, nursing homes, health centers, rehabilitation centers, clinics, polyclinics, laboratories and to apply or provide utility articles and services to patients, attendants and others and to provide aids to medical personnel for research and development and to act and work as consultants in medical profession in India and abroad.

34. Import-export

To export, import, buy, sell, act as agent, trade or otherwise deal in all kinds of merchandise, edible oils, de-oiled and oiled cakes, Soya bean, ground nut oil seeds, other oil bearing sub-stances, steel, cotton yarn, synthetic yarn, blended yarn, chemicals, metals, textiles, capital goods, automobiles, consumer durables, commodities, agro products, precious metals, electronic goods, machines, paper, cement, building and construction material, fibers, leather articles, garments, foot wear, watches, furniture, electrical goods and accessories, foods, hydrocarbons, oil derivatives and other articles, goods capable of being imported, exported and traded.

35. Insurance

To commence and carry on, as and when permitted by the Central Government, all activities connected with general insurance, other than life insurance, like underwriting motor, fire, marine, and miscellaneous risks, providing general insurance coverages, providing risk management consultancy services, co-ordinate with insurance companies, whether local or foreign, on coverages, to represent insurance companies/ whether national or foreign, to provide or arrange insurance coverage and/or reinsurance coverage within or outside the country and to provide general consultancy services tike scrutiny of existing insurance coverages.

36. Leasing and hire purchase

To carry on the business of financing, leasing, letting on hire, hire purchase or easy payment system for movable and or immovable properties including godowns, sheds, buildings, stores, flats, warehouses, shops, hotels, factories, garages, plants and machines, equipment, apparatus, instruments, appliances, furniture, fixtures, fittings, utensils, tools, vehicles, earth moving machines installations.

37. Library

To establish, encourage, own, promote, subsidize, provide, maintain, organize, undertake, manage, build, construct, equip, modernize, develop, operate, conduct and to run in any part of India or elsewhere mobile libraries, libraries, reading rooms, book banks and other similar places for lending books, magazines, video cassettes, audio cassettes, micro films, photographs, encyclopedias, news cuttings and other publications on membership, periodical fees or on free of cost basis to members, organisations, institutions, or to public at large and to do all such other acts and things which are necessary for the attainment of the aforesaid objects.

Other Corporate Secretarial work under Companies Act, 2013

You may download new set of MOA and AOA as per Companies Act, 2013, from the link given below:

Sample MOA and AOA as per Companies Act, 2013

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I am very hopeful that this write up would be of some help.


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