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Common ERRORS committed while availing services on MCA portal.
1.      Payment of challan not done before the expiry date: If payment of challan is not made before the expiry date, the transaction gets cancelled and applicant needs to file the eForm again on MCA portal to generate a fresh challan for payment.
2.      Payment of fees (via challan) through other option: Once a challan is generated, its payment has to be made in an auhorised bank branch. Payment against eFiling should not be made using any mode of payment on MCA portal e.g. Miscellaneous Fee option, as in such a case the payment made does not get linked with the original Filing Transaction / SRN.
3.      Duplicate Payment : Always check the payment status of original / previous SRN before trying to make payment again for the same transaction. If the payment status is ‘Paid’ do not pay again.
4.      Verification of status of eFiling: The SRN No. is the key for verification of status of eFiling. Please note down the SRN generated by the system before making the payment / for the purpose of checking the payment / transaction status.
5.      Inspection of public documents: On confirmation of payment, a link is made available under ‘My documents’ tab to view the documents online. This link will be valid for seven days – you can view these documents anytime within 7 days of appearing those under ‘My Documents’. However, online viewing is provided for continuous three hours maximum, once you begin this activity.
6.      eForm version used is not latest: Always download a fresh eForm for eFiling from the MCA portal.
7.      Modify or Sign the eForm numerous times which increases the size of the eform: While signing the eform click on ‘Sign and save as’ option to affix the DSC to keep the size of the eForm minimum.
8.      Uploading eForm in case of “Required Resubmission” : If the transaction status is “Required Resubmission”, the eForm needs to be filled again correctly and filed against the original SRN. Do not use ‘Addendum’ option as transaction through ‘addendum’ will not be processed against ‘Resubmission’. ‘Addendum’ facility is used for providing additional information, if any, to RoC.
9.      Mistaking the status “Required Resubmission” as rejection of the eform and take no action. If the status of SRN is “Required Resubmission“ then file the eForm again by giving SRN of original filing and uploading eForm by clicking ‘Resubmit’ button, under ‘eForm upload’ link. After re-submission the status of SRN will change and eForm will be available for processing at RoC office.
10. Wrong particulars in eForms – ensure accuracy while filling following values in the corresponding eForm:
Form 1A
  • Amount of authorized capital ( eg.10 Lacs instead of 1 Lac)
  • Company type, should be either Private or Public
  • State under the jurisdiction of same RoC (eg. Jharkhand instead of Bihar)
  • Company type (e.g. “Part IX Company” or “Producer Company” in place of “New Company” or vice-versa)
  • Company category / sub-category (e.g. “SGC” or “GOI”).
Form 8
  • Date of charge creation / modification
  • Original / Final amount while creation / modification of charge
Form 23
  • Type of resolution (Board / Shareholders / Ordinary / Special resolution type) selection differs from the attachment
Form 5
  • Wrong amount of revised capital
  • Simultaneous filing of multiple eForm 5 for a company before approval of erstwhile form 5 filed. Wait for first eForm’s approval before proceeding with next eForm 5.
Please check the particulars filled in the eform before filing. Once an eform is approved, any wrong information given in the eform cannot be rectified.
11. Update JAVA / Adobe software.
Use only prescribed versions of JAVA / Adobe software, as listed on the portal.

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