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First of all, thank you for all the love you lovely people have showered on my articles and special thanks to CAclubindia for giving me a platform to interact with so many wonderful people.

Recently I re-shared my article, "Becoming CA even after 20 attempts is still better than not becoming a CA". The feedback and appreciation on that article was astonishing. 

But some people pointed out a pertinent question that why waste so much time on a degree? Is it worth it?

The idea behind the article was, "If you really want to do something then you shouldn't be deterred by the failures".

This line is universal. Do you stop your weight loss training which you so badly wanted to do just because of cramps due to exercise? Do you stop earning money even though there are hardships involved?

CA is a part of life but not the whole life. But if you really want to become CA then it should be your life. If there is some doubt in your mind then don't do it, You will be wasting your precious years of life.

Commit or Quit

If you are clear that its your goal then just put a deaf ear to what others say. Failures or opinion of others shouldn't impact you then.

Either commit or quit should be your goal in life. There shouldn't be any middle path. You just cant say that I want to do something but.....

There is no ifs or buts in life. Either you want to do it or not.

That is what clarity of mind is.


Our society has put a stigma that you are looser if you quit. Would Sachin be Sachin had he tried to pursue studies in which he wasn't good at just because society wanted him to?

No you wont be a looser if you quit. If its not your goal and if doesn't give you happiness then it has no purpose at all.

If you really want to do it then nothing should affect you. Just go for it. Eccentric people who don't care about what people think or say about them often create history.

If you commit to your goal then you have to do it.


What do you do with a person whom you don't want to talk? Do you enjoy talking to that person when you force yourself to talk? Do you feel happy?

And what about being with a person you love to be around? You enjoy every bit of moment with that person.

The same goes with a career too. Don't force yourself if you are not willing to commit to your career.

When you commit to something then the question of quitting should never arise. You just have to be better in that field each and every day. Excuses won't make you great after your commitment to your goal. There should never be a second option.

Becoming something is better than becoming nothing. That's why becoming CA after 20 attempts is better than not becoming a CA if you are committed to it and you want it.

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