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Overview: How to start a cloud kitchen

A cloud kitchen is basically a virtual restaurant, a kitchen that simply accepts incoming orders through online ordering systems and presents no eating facilities. They have a base kitchen that can provide meals to customer's doorstep.

Additionally have their online ordering internet site and online ordering app or be given orders via numerous meals transport systems. Since the number one supply of sales for those net eating places is through numerous meal ordering systems which include Swiggy, FoodPanda, Zomato, etc., it's miles vital to have a check-in machine that keeps a track of the deliveries and the extent the business enterprise generates from various platforms. This will prevent the problem of juggling between orders from numerous websites and their ordering structure/

Here on this blog, we'll research the primary factors to set up and maintain a Cloud Kitchen company. Without addressing these prerequisites, it gets difficult in maintaining the company.

Cloud Kitchen Business and its GST Requirements

Location & Property

Place and belongings are the primary differentiators between a traditional eating place and a cloud kitchen. A cloud kitchen doesn't want an excessive footfall and high belongings position. Rather, it can without problems be an installation in a 250-three hundred sq. ft. room, as there's no House Front. This significantly reduces the fee of commencing a cloud kitchen.

The cloud kitchen may be located in a location that is quite difficult to access, but customers have a great demand for it, especially for specific kitchens. Residential areas, behind the market, and unused parking spaces are ideal places for cooking in the cloud. You can choose a public kitchen. Because it helps to reduce the initial investment.


For a variety of reasons, obtaining proper permits and certifications is very important to open a kitchen in the cloud. Second, you can avoid legal troubles by obtaining a license because consumers cannot enter the facility alone to check hygiene, food safety, and readiness. Having the proper license will satisfy you. You can promote them on your website and marketing activities to convince customers that you are producing high-quality food.


Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. FSSAI Licenses are obligatory for food-associated enterprises in India and have to be acquired on behalf of the organization and its owner. The license length can vary from 12 months to five years and have to be renewed earlier than expiry. It's additionally good to mention FSSAI license at the packaging and bill to construct self-belief in our client approximately our offers.



In this, registration is obligatory for any enterprise in India and additionally, it's compulsory to report all of the organization taxes in the form of GST Returns timely to the government. It has to be submitted weekly, quarterly, and annually. GST additionally allows you, vendors, because it reduces the tax quantity if all events have a GST number. Upon acquiring a a GST Registration, you can open a bank current account.

If you require any assistance for GST Registration, you can reach out to Chartered Accountants listed on our website.

Trade License

Every enterprise would require to own an alternate license, and so does the cloud kitchen. This may be acquired from the nearby municipal workplace via way of means of furnishing all important documents. It is a one-time process and a sort of obligatory legal requirement.

Fire and Safety License

Now it's no longer obligatory, to begin with, however, it's recommended to get one to keep yourself from away from any troubles. This is a part of the law, and fire and health agreements are obligatory for any workplace.

Additional Licenses

The main licenses to start a cloud kitchen company are FSSAI, Shop & Establishment, GST Registration, Fire Department NOC, etc. Make sure you have these before starting a food delivery company.

Trademark registration: It is also very relevant for the cloud kitchen company because the idea of this company doesn't allow the customer to step in, so the brand name of the business is the customer's HERO. To protect the brand, the business owner must file trademark applications for the logo, name, wordmark consisting of different colors, patterns to create their unique identity on the market.

Kitchen Equipment & Packaging

The kitchen equipment depends on the type of cuisine you serve. The basic equipment required to start a cloud kitchen is – stove and oven, refrigerator, knives, etc.

Packaging is an important part of operating food companies. No matter how good the food is, it will eventually ruin the entire customer experience and give the company a bad reputation. Packaging also depends on the type of food. I need a plastic container. , Bottles, spoons, etc. to ensure proper food packaging.

Staff: Because there's no House Front, you don't want any human beings on your cloud kitchen. Only 2-three human beings working on making things ready and dispensing meals, you could without problems open a store. When you've got numerous kitchen brands, the same chef will put together meals for diverse brands. Starting with a small group is best, and you could recruit an extra workforce as incoming order volumes increase.

Since there could be personnel, to work compliantly, the commercial enterprise proprietor will cope with all applicable regulations and laws. Professional tax registration, TDS, PF, Payroll, and salary size will become a critical and vital part of the commercial enterprise.

Salary Accounts, PF, etc.: Unfortunately, this is the last thing cloud kitchen proprietors do because the blue-collar personnel are not too worried about paying taxes and getting Provident Fund. When you're in a severe commercial enterprise with a lengthy-time period target, it's essential to begin the cycle from day 1. It surely facilitates the group within side the lengthy run, constructing consider and pleasant relationships with everyone.


Generating Online Orders And Marketing

Once you've installed the kitchen and workforce, generate online orders in your cloud kitchen enterprise.

Since, A cloud kitchen doesn't have a dine-in facility, depending entirely on online and phone meals orders, spending on marketing and promotions is essential, at least in the preliminary days. Without a store and no boards and signage, online advertising and marketing are essential in this ​situation.

  • Listing Your Cloud Kitchen On Online Food Aggregators
  • Promoting Your Cloud Kitchen On Online Aggregators
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Loyalty Programs And SMS & Email

Conclusion: How to start a cloud kitchen

While cloud kitchens contain low threats and excessive benefits, one ought to be alert to the opposition beforehand to make profits. A cloud kitchen will virtually be the following theme. If you propose to develop your enterprise or begin a meals channel, the cloud kitchen is the more secure and wiser opportunity thinking about which you preserve it compliant.

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