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CS Executive consists of the following subjects and modules


1.     General and Commercial Laws

2.     Company Accounts, Cost and Management Accounting

3.     Tax Laws


1.     Company Law

2.     Economic and Labour Laws

3.     Securities Laws and Compliance Management

First I want to deal with general aspects relating to Examination Question Paper. They are some common features for all the question papers relating to the above mentioned subjects. They are:-

1.  8 questions will be asked out of which we will be answering 6 and for every paper 1st question is compulsory. (SUFFICIENT CHOICE)

2.  There will be 15 to 20 marks for True/False, Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the Blanks.

Module Study

First every individual should decide whether to take coaching or doing self study.

PS :- Self Study is better if you think you can understand the subject.

Next, Everyone should refer the material provided by ICSI at least once before the exam. They give much insight into several things. Some of the important things are enlisted here :-

1.     Try to remember the concepts and dont by heart anything.

2.     Try to analyse each topic which you might find very important from exam point of view.

3.     Take one sketch pen and underline the expected blanks, MCQs and True or False questions. This is very important part while you do module study.

4.     Dont concentrate more on one topic because CS material is voluminous.

5.     Dont forget to take small notes wherever needed.

6.     Understand the trend of questions asked in the previous examinations before doing module study.

Main Objectives for module study

1.     To cover many of MCQs, FIBs and True or False questions.

2.     To have a basic idea regarding every concept.

3.     To get confidence that you have covered 100 % of the syllabi.

4.     To provide basis for studying Scanners.


After module study the next important step is studying Scanners. Module Study provides the basic ground work and u must build a house on it by studying Scanners. Everyone should not forget to study scanners. Try to remember every question you have studied.


1.   To know the examination questions.

2.   To be perfect with the repeated questions.

Let us analyses each and every subject

1.  General and Commercial Laws :- This subject is little bit tricky to understand. If u read for the first time everything will be new. It is one of the good component for scoring. Institute material and scanner is enough. It requires at least 2 readings. If u get the grip, you can complete it within a weeks time.  

2.  Company Accounts and Cost and Management Accounting: - This is one of the two practical subjects in CS Executive course. It is very scoring subject. Stick only to the study material and refer scanners after completing the study material. Concentrate on true or false statements as they carry 10 marks.

3.   Tax Laws: - It is good scoring subject. Only thing is you have to cover whole of the syllabi. Prefer GIRISH AHUJA. If u dont leave single topic or chapter, it will give u a promising result. Wealth Tax, VAT, Service Tax carry 50 marks and they hardly require 3 days of preparation.

4.  Company Law: - Company law is the main subject. I wish that everyone will not only read this subject in exam point of view but also to gain some real time knowledge. If you write sections and cases, they will fetch you more marks without a point of doubt. Understand the concepts clearly. Anyway the paper will not surprise you because the basic concepts are tested in the exam.

5.  Economic and Labour Laws: - This is the trickiest subject and most dangerous subject that may change the result of the group. Everyone should be perfect with the labour laws and you should gain at least 30 out of 40 marks. Economic laws are very dry and should need a detailed preparation. Dont misjudge this paper because this is the only paper in cs executive where lot of students are troubled. Only trick is to go through labour laws perfectly and just going through economic laws.

6.   Securities Laws and Compliance Management: - This subject is cool one. This subject requires hardly 10 days of preparation and anyone can attempt this exam confidently without any problem. They are 2 chapters which carry more weightage. They are stock exchanges and public issue of securities.

Only This Much (OTM)

This is good book for the persons who only want to clear the exam. However it requires 3 times deep reading and enough to pass the exam with the help of scanners. Generally dont directly rely on such books. First start with modules and gain knowledge and if you dont find time then just depend on it.

This is all about CS Executive preparation. Hope all of you will come with flying colours. ALL THE BEST.


Vamshi Krishna

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(CA - Final and CS - Final)
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