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Combating Desire for Designation and Reinforcing the Desire 

While going through the path of life we receive, aspire and reshape both our intellect and our perception. Astonishingly we deceive our own self, yet consider our self to be correct and righteous. A Popular saying goes “Between Right and Wrong there is a trouble some grey area”.


In its context, when I asked once my friend  to delineate difference between right and wrong, I really got a fascinating answer. I was both appealed and appalled both at the same time.


He said Right is what “Makes you Happy, If  you are happy then you are Right “.


The answer was so candid, yet so strong even to convince the mundane philosophical expects.


My quest for the answer of Truth started from there itself. Being a student of Chartered Accountancy, I was further queried from my counterparts, being a student of such a profession where “Materiality” and “Fulfillment of Material object” were sole motive of the majority of its aspirants, you might be ridiculed and may even become a “Laughing stalk”.


This ignited me further for self introspection.


The CA profession provides one with to satisfy the Materialistic demeanor of the Three P,s

(Paise, Power, and Position).


I was confronted with a serious doubt that what are we hankering after and what propels us.


The answer which the primeval Lord of the Universe had already given in the “Gita”.


Basically we being an advanced species of animal( yet animal) are “NOTHING more than a SLAVE of our DESIRES”.


These lines shall hurt any person who possesses a ego centric zone, as I was and I was literally shattered. But gradually the veracity of the facts revealed.


The answer is we can, if we aspire do become a Professional or may be something more than that, but but but “Can we escalate above our Desires?”


Thus definition of Happiness was truly justified from it. Happiness is not a state of mind which is erratic, rather Happiness is a subtle destination. What we perceive as happiness is the shallow image of the same, because we have conditioned it to factors of “DESIRES”


For example, if I am able to fulfill by dreams (Though ambition is not an impediment, but attachment with the consequences of actions and effort involved is) or say not able to get something I love, my life is a waste.


Thus we condition and set our own definition of Happiness.


Further, what god says is that (and probably which is most appropriate in case of a CA student)


True aspiration which is devoid of the pungency of desires and ego centric malignity, it certain to materialize because effort then automatically become serene, by virtue of true “Happiness”.


To conclude, this article must not be concluded as a bolt from the blue amidst all academic uprisings and professional verdicts. It was an honest attempt to experess “My personal experience to share with all” and I do not endorse any of its content. Please pardon and forgive if it hurts the sentiment of any.



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Arijit Bhattacharjee
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