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Results are out. Everybody is running after their goals whether it is Campus or many of them planning for their own practice or joining their Family Business.

But in this part of the Article I would like to talk about the Old Baggage that has been carried on for many years should be discarded.

Change before you get replaced in the profession

We need to understand and accept the fact that the practice area that sustained us over the decades will not continue to do so in future.

We need to spot opportunities around us and start working on them immediately. There are several emerging area of practice that are clearly making their presence felt.

Some such exciting and interesting areas that one should consider are:

• Data Analytics
• Forensic Audit
• Blockchain Technology
• Transfer pricing in other countries
• Valuation Services
• Climate change and Carbon credit
• Insolvency and Liquidation services

All in all, the objective of this article is to provoke the reader into action. Our profession needs to be aware of the disruptive force of technology and change that is sweeping the globe.

We cannot afford to remain in our cocoons any longer. If we are to survive, we need to accept the change and before that change sweeps us away, change our direction. Just as a boatman regularly adjusts his sails with every change of Wind.


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Puja Kumari
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