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In our life we need to face several challenges in every day. When ever we are facing challenges most of us we thinking about the trouble arising from the challenges and worried about the problem come out of the challenges, but we are getting many good things, benefits and lessons from facing challenges. In this articles I would like to discuss some benefits which we get from facing challenges and how those benefits makes a man perfect.


  1. Knowing the new problems and solutions:

Whenever we came across one challenge, we come to know about one new problem, because if we face the regular problems then no challenge that we solve as normal course of action, but challenges we face only on new type of problem which not arise in the normal course. So every challenge we can know one new problem and solutions for solve the same.


  1. Learning new experience:

While facing challenges we can learn lot of new experience, some time we learn good experience which that helps in future to use the same and get success. Some time we get bad experience which that helps to avoid the same to get success. Every challenge gives you a lot experience to learn.


  1. Realize your real talents:

Every challenges is a new adventure, so while doing that adventure we need to face lot of obstacles, when we try to remove the obstacles, we realize our real talents inside with us. This will give you a new energy and increase knowledge. So every challenge will bring out your real talents.


  1. Improve your self confidence:

When we face the challenges and get the success which will improve our self confidence and inner ability very much. When improve our self confidence it will help us to work very active.


  1. Increase our positive thinking:

Challenges always increase our positive thinking and remove our negative thought in our mind and work, because while getting success on taken challenges our mind will always fresh and think correct, even if we fails on that it will removes our wrong or negative thought on the taken task.

  1. Improve our strategic skills and analyzing capacity:

When challenges giving trouble, it makes us to think in different ways to face the same, while thinking different and analysis the situation, we can find out new strategy to solve the same. It will help us to improve our strategic skills and analyzing capacity.


  1. Improve our timing sense:

While facing challenges under pressure situations, we need to think always with timing sense, because we need to think the way which gives the fast and speedy solutions to the problems. So it will make us to think with timing sense and improve the same.



As a normal person in this world, we need to face the challenges in the every work and field. Every challenge gives a struggle. But all challenges make us a perfect person in the world, so don’t fear and avoid taking the challenges. Always face the life as Challenge and get success the same.


Good Luck…


Thank you.

CMA. Ramesh Krishnan

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CMA Ramesh Krishnan
(Cost & Management Accountant)
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