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Some Aspects of Career in Taxations



Taxation is an important area for every country as it forms the main source of revenue for the government of a country and especially in developing countries like India where the rate of such evasion is very high among people and mainly concerned with the people belonging to the higher class. In such regard, it becomes very vital to formulate a proper tax authority which can come to the rescue of such high rate of tax evasion. A recent survey has also enacted in favor of this situation where it has been concluded thata major portion of the youth is now in favor of approaching a career which relates to taxation zone.



Why Taxation area?


Today, India is a developing country and it requires utmost help from its citizens to make it a developed one, by way of contribution by each and every citizen of the country with their respective and true amount. In such regard, the importance of an effective tax professional is witnessed. The area also provides the status of a government employee who has a supreme power and post with regard to ordinary people. The area of taxation is also vast and a candidate can select from the numerous areas, the field in which he wants to operate



Where do I Apply?


People require a tested knowledge in the field f taxation where they can catch the evasions by ordinary people in the most efficient manner. So, candidates are required to get through an intense course which has deep knowledge and aspects of the taxation system that prevails in India. Some of the Institutes that provide such expertise knowledge areAnnamalai University, Nagpur College of taxation, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Indian Institute of taxation. They all take candidates who have successfully completed their higher secondary education, which is 10+2.


Which areas can I choose from?


As said earlier, the area of tax administration is humungous which provides various fields of operation from where an individual can select and such fields include areas like Employment Tax Specialist, Tax Policy Analyst, Revenue agents, Tax advisors, Tax manager, Tax recruiter, Attorney specialists, Tax accountants, etc.


There can also be other areas like areas of excise which relates to the department which relates to tax on production of goods, Custom area, which relates to tax authority in the areas of import such as dock and service area, which relates to tax provisions for the people who render services and their income exceeds the limit of basic exemption limit as per prescribed by the Central Government.


How handsome is my salary?


People who pursue their employment under the public undertakings are needed to be least bothered about their salary as it is always very handsome and sugar coated with various types of perquisites and privileges. Generally, the income of such problem belonging to such class of people varies from Rs. 2, 00, 000 to Rs. 5, 00, 000 per annum.


Thus, one can say that is a future and as well as a dignity in pursuing a job in the taxation field.



Pratik kayal




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