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Have I anytime taken a seat back from my study schedule or from the ever enthusiastic attitude of my articleship, and asked myself…… Do I have the persona of a CA Student? Persona is familiarly used for an actor for the role he or she chooses..for us we do play an important part in the Society, as Shakespeare uttered these famous words in his play As You Like it, “ The whole World is a Stage and all men and women actors1.”. As of now there are around 8lakhs CA students, compared to a billion population of our country whom we serve through one of the most prominent Profession. I chose these expressions to help realise how important it is to have a persona that is invariably distinct from others, which highlights your personality that speaks louder than words.

Here are a few traits or characteristics that need to be cultivated to help us play our role more profoundly in our work. These exhibit the perception we have of our Profession, and that we are not here to merely keep up with the norms but to be innovative in our approach allowing us to take that leap towards our goal of Excellence.

Determine A Goal:

We as students have already chosen a path that we walk on now….Where does this path leads me to? Need to have a goal set in order to know we are on the right track to keep our focus. Goal setting is an exercise which differs from person to person, however it has its commonality. Goal setting is a powerful progression for thinking rationally about your future. We all have different areas in which we ought to have a goal in mind i.e.. Education, career, finance, artistic, attitude and many more. The first step is always to ask oneself and have a clarity in  What one want to achieve? In regard to this matter possessing a personal mission statement will help. There is a lot we could learn in our personal life from the corporate life we live in.

Walking with the Time:

As the famous expression goes ‘Time stops for no one..’ and who else would it know best, then a CA student before his exams..Time moves on and so do the developments in our respective fields. We need to keep up with the recent updates which will enable us be on our toes at all time. Certainly it is not possible to know everything about everything…so we choose the field we like and run updates on the subject, not only knowing it at the surface but aim at being the best in the subject we choose. A little research helps to be aware of the basic facts that give rise to the change in the on-going phases of development.Specially as the new government takes over, gives us an opportunity to look ahead for the change.

An Attitude of a Critic:

Being a critic does not mean to see only the not so good side of events, rather to be open to facts, ask some fundamental questions which are addressed to the basic foundations on which the incident stands. One needs to cultivate an open mind that is not filtered by its prejudices and emotions fading ones opinion. An attitude of a critic will always help to perceive events differently giving you a vision that makes you stand out and see what the crowd misses to see, putting you at a vantage point.

Review..A look back:

This very trait is taught to us by our profession. A constant review of things help to know that we are on the road which we drew for our self. We need to review our assignments, approaches, thought processes, decisions made and the implications it had. One who does not review closes him/her self from growing in its respective area. Review always enables to recognise our successes, measure our improvements and make necessary changes to set future targets. Review gives a grand opportunity for self-appraisal, which is one of the habits of successful personalities. 

A wise man years before said. “The unexamined life is not worth living.”(Socrates: Ancient Philosopher).


Being professional in your attitude is what will highlight your presence in the environment you pursue to be, also allowing at the same time to gel with this dynamic, ever changing and very demanding world of ours.

Having a professional attitude has to be our second nature, there is a need to inhere it within us. By being professional, does not mean you put on your formals and have a serious look on your face..!! Certainly not. One needs to surpass these and understand that it’s a deep personal commitment to enhance and develop skills and be known for their specialised knowledge. Honesty and integrity play a major role in a professional’s life, it extends a person to be accountable, keep the promises and self-regulate to adapt to any given situation. There is only one way to exhibit professionalism: through the way of life you choose to live, there is a certain amount of true pride in what one does, a competence, a clear and focus perception of being involved and a sense of initiation in his work.

The latest student brochure for Chartered Accountancy Course, has these words printed on it

“Eagle glides along with the strong breeze if there is a storm, because it enjoys the storm and the challenges associated with it2”

This allegory says it all, depicting the vivid reality of the role we are expected to play in our profession,  revealing the challenges we meet, our approach, attitude and most of all a sense of daring adventure it possesses. Difficulties and challenges are a part of life and these become our very motivation to keep moving with an ardent zeal, giving us a satisfaction of contributing to this Society at a greater scale in a manner which we feel proud.

By: Xavier Albuquerque

End notes:

1. Shakespeare,

As You Like It Act 2, scene 7, 139–143

2. Internet Link: Accessed on 12.08.2014


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