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The first confusion arises after clearing CA is whether to start practice or go for a Job?

Both these options has there own advantages and Disadvantages. There are no strict rules to say which is better, because it is based on various factors like Risk, Initial Investment, long-term or short term income priorities, and most important factor that motivate to opt for Practice is the status of "Being a Boss" instead of “being under the Boss”. The important factor that directs the CAs into employment is Steady Monthly income and risk free work and zero initial investment.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons in choosing Practice or Job,



  1. Initial Return: Good initial salary packages
  2. Zero investment; No need of investment for office setup and working Capital
  3. Growth; Potential for dynamic growth if joined in good field/area
  4. No need of network or Great communication Ability to get the fees unlike in Practice


  1. Signing Power: The Power & beauty of a CA i.e the signing power/attestation functions are never tasted by CAs in industry employment.
  2. Under Utilised; Confined to only one field or subject area, resulting wastage of hard work made in years of sleepless nights
  3. Carrier growth: is confined only to few field areas, remaining are subjected to just a hike rate of normal Inflation
  4. Boredom: After few months after joining, people generally sick & tired of Boredom, its not easy to sit for 8 -10 hours before the Computers doing the routine boring job
  5. High Stress and lack of freedom.



  1. Huge Growth potential in long term
  2. Satisfaction of being a Boss, and having a own Establishment
  3. Versatile: Being in touch with almost every subject in Chartered Accountancy
  4. Social Status; Professional Reputation & respect in the society
  5. Freedom; no practicing CA has to beg for the leave from HR, Can spend good quality time with friends and Family


  1. Start from Zero; No readymade initial income, it takes time to get good client Base
  2. Market Risk: No business or Profession is free from Risks, CA practice is no Exception
  3. Managing skills: though one has passion and guts to Start practice, but lack of entrepreneur and Managing skills make the situation worse.

And there is 3rd option many young CAs planned is, To Join in employment for 2-3 years and then come out and start own practice, It is the most popular & fair looking option for many young Chartered Accountants, But my Personal opinion is this is the most Impractical, and inexecutable decision unless you did the job in Audit firm, because

  • Its highly difficult for an salaried employee earning 1 lac per month, to left the job and start from Zero income (Practice), it’s not that easy to leave the Comfort zone, they generally prefer an company which offers higher Salary
  • Unless a CA is working as employee in Audit firm or Audit department in a company, he most probably forgot or disconnected with the remaining subjects due to dynamic nature of Tax laws and other commercial Laws.
  • Many people who opted this plan may think that they can do ground work for establishing sound practice while doing the job, but the reality is the person who got a job, can do only job.
  • Once you get Married and got additional responsibilities its highly difficult to take additional risk of starting Practice.

One more funny option I heard is, Starting with Job and Marrying a Practicing chartered Accountant and join Partnership with him/her. The only comment I can made about this extraordinary option is 'God bless you'.


Published by

CA Hari Krishna Gatti
(Self Employed)
Category Career   Report

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