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Why CA?

Let's discuss with why we have started CA course in first place. Most of us has entered into this course because we were academically sound and it offers highest package after becoming CA. Other good reasons for pursuing this course is low fees, no entry barrier or any sort of entrance exam, good reputation in society and community and in some cases  where parents decided is preference for the selection purpose of groom or bride for marriage. Though some of us pursued this course due to love towards accounting. But CA is much more than accounting.

But the real question is do any of our selected reason do actually get materialized and achieved?

Answer for 90% of folks pursuing CA will say no. Most of us though being brilliant academically still gets trapped into vicious circle of attempt after attempt. All the dreams and things we wanted to achieve through this course is scattered or not accomplished in time though we seriously worked hard, smart and loved some of the subjects we are studying in this course. Majority of us do go for extreme study in compare to any other professional course. Also there is hardcore articleship which we undergo during this course which is almost equal to or more tough than any middle level manager job. Still most of us have to bear failure after failure. In search of what and where we lack in the exams we try notes of different authors and classes, opt for different  tuitions, go for different motivational and inspirational lectures, search for different memory and study techniques, go for more tough study schedule and make different resolutions after every attempt but still good luck doesnt show up. At this stage most of our intentions for pursuing this course has already gone and failures has made us very frustrated, practical and stoned heart.

Now again big turn down that we face after clearing CA is if we go for job after such high end struggle no one is there to recognize it and you are treated as underdog with a very competitive salary package and have to listen lots of firing from seniors being newbee to the job which is equal to folks completed their degrees in happy go lucky way. Further many of us compromise for naive jobs especially at abroad which requires very less level of skills but due to high salary package. Maybe in hurry to get exams clear we only focus on academical aspect and no practical expertise knowledge is possessed in atleast any one subject. If you go for practice than you can make moderate enough for survival in the market in the startup years. Maybe its student fault or the defect in course that mastery is lacked in newly cleared CA's.  But if your good luck has shown up by now you will get instant recognition and opportunity will show up and you can succeed rapidly. Still th ratio of such success achieved is low. 

For most of us the best things we have acheived in CA course is vast amount of knowledge, acute reasoning, surely making good monies in 40's of our age, oppurtunity can knock any time in our life and making us very practical and realistic person in life. The thing is do such low result for CA examination is really required? I mean the rewards after such hard struggle CA students face is not worthy enough seen in the market. Dont know whether it is necessary to control results or it is just a bubble created which can burst anytime. Still we can hope for the best and believe it such struggle will surely materialize which we have seen in many real life examples.

All the best and keep doing what you are doing. Success is not far enough and opportunities for hardworker is vast. All we need to have is just a little patience. 

Thank you


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