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Well instead of writing this article in the traditional way, let's discuss it by way of question and answer format.

1) Do I need to join tuition class for the subject?

Ans: Of course. Conceptual clarity for this subject is essential. Hence join tuition and get your concepts cleared.

2) What if I cannot join tuition due to some reason?

Ans: You don't have any option but to do self-study.

3) Which book should I follow for this subject?

Ans: Apart from ICAI study mat, practice manual, you may follow Munish Bhandari book

4) Is it a good decision to complete Ethics and Communication first?

Ans: Yes, why not. You will be relieved by realizing the fact that you are done with almost half (40%) of the syllabus.

5) How should I start reading if I am doing self-study?

Ans: For contract act, negotiable and companies act start from M. Bhandari book. You may not feel comfortable with ICAI study material. Read the provisions given at first and then solve the solution given after each topic and move on to next topic.

6) Sometimes I am unable to understand the provisions even after second or third reading. What to do?

Ans: Well, not only you are facing the same problem. Lots of students may face the same. Instead of reading the provisions, again and again, jump to the practical problem given at the end of the particular topic, Read the problem and solution, then go to the provision given. You may be able to crack the difficulty.

7) Reading only from practice manual (pm) is a good choice?

Ans: Unless and until you are clearing your concepts, this subject may become a burden to you. Hence it is always advisable to read from a text book and then solve problems.

8) There are lots of question which does not come into exam very often/have less probability. Should I avoid it?

Ans: Well, leaving those insignificant part completely is not a wise decision. But you may give less weightage to it.

9) I am weak in theory paper. How should I practice?

Ans: Reading and writing makes a man perfect. Don't just read, read and write as well. It improves a hell lot of things. The more you write, the more you will have grip over the subject

10) I have low confidence over this subject. How can I assess my preparation?

Ans: Well, You must be aware of the mock test conducted by ICAI before the exam. Take it seriously and utilize it.

11) From where should I read Ethics and communication?

Ans: You may follow M.Bhandari book. But my opinion is to read from study material and then from pm. The question can be framed from each and every line of study material of ICAI from these 2 topics.

12) I know the answer, but I cannot understand how to present it on paper. What should I do?

Ans: Have a look on pm and try to copy the manner in which answer is given.

13) How many times should I revise the subject ?

Ans: The more you revise, the more you are prepared for it. But at least 3 times revision is essential.

14) Do I need to refer section no while answering?

Ans: If you can remember and write the correct section no. It will obviously a bonus point for you. If you can't remember, do not write a wrong one.

15) Do I need to write exactly the same language as given in study material?

Ans: No. You may write in your own language. But your answer must be as per with what is said in the given section. But for ethics and communication try to copy ICAI language.

16) How much should I attempt for this subject in exam?

Ans: The more you attempt correctly, the more is the chance of passing. Try to attempt 100 marks.

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