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Hello friends,

Since last few month, I am replying to queries relating to CA Industrial Training over LinkedIn, CCI,FB etc. Today I thought to write an Article so that I can provide quality content to student friends. And this is what I have come up with “CA Industrial Training- Benefits, how to find, how to get selected and my experience”

In this article I have covered all your queries like-

Will industrial training give me the right exposure - Pro & Cons,  

How to find vacancies,  
how to get selected, and
my experience.

1.  Will industrial training give me the right exposure - Pro & Cons

There are a lot of benefits of doing Industrial Training in the 3rd year of articleship when a student has already spent 2 years in regular work in a CA firm. One gets to know how a company actually works. This really helps in future as one can apply the same fundamentals to every industry or company.  If you do good work in a corporate during Industrial Training, you are likely to get placed in the same company post qualification. You will get better compensation because of your experience in that Company as a trainee and hence you get a better start in your career.

Pros –   

a. One specializes in the core working of a particular industry so Industry specific in depth training can lead to easy placements in future.

b. You get to interact with people from different departments and hence, there is a scope to learn a lot more than just the financial laws and conventions.

c. Of course,  Better Stipend

d. A New Working Environment


a. Lack of time for studies and lesser study leave (1 month to 3 month, differ company to company).

b. Monotonous work.

c. Restrictions on attending classes (differ from company to company and also depends upon your relation with your bosses )                                                                                                                             

2. How to find vacancies:

Job sites :- There are so many sites where you should visit frequently like-   

  • www.timesjob.com
  • www.naukari.com
  • www.freejobopening.com

Use Keyword - CA Industrial Trainee

ICAI’s Notice Board :- mostly PSUs Post their vacancies on ICAI’s Notice Board.

3. how to get selected:

To getting into, you need to focus on many aspect like – Impressive CV, good communication skill, good knowledge over what you have mention in your CV.

In interview, interviewer test basic knowledge what you have done in your articleship, how much you are interested in their company (you need to have a basic understanding about what company’s business, what are its major product and services, its major competitors etc.). Before appearing for interview have a review of Ms-excel etc.  Do proper homework before attending interview.  Finally, you can make your references count. It is a known fact that applying to companies through reference gives you a slight edge over the others.

4. My Training Experience:-

To begin with, its all together a different world and work as compared to CA firms. Although it’s  a PSU (Indian oil corporation) still its own Work Ethics, Culture, Jargon etc which I wasn’t accustomed to, so had to equip myself with it as soon as possible. There is a set rule to work in finance department – “Excel is Blood and Power Point is Oxygen.”  Normally in PSUs, there are no concept of Team work, specific target, no work pressure except closing time, Working hrs is less (10:00 to 05:30), so you can plan your studies well along with training.

(My personal opinion- Always try to get into good MNC, never ever join PSU until you have no other option)

EXAMINATION LEAVES:  In my case it was 1 month only, it defer from company to company.


Do’s –

  • Behave professionally around the clock.
  • Good knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint are as important as Oxygen.
  • Understand how work is done and what are expectations from you.

Dont’s –

  • Never Submit an Incomplete Job.
  • Never Get into Office Politics.
  • Counter Argument with your Manager.

(PS:- I am a Industrial Trainee in Indian Oil corporation since last 9 month. Before joining a company do proper enquiry relating to your profile, permission for attending classes and examination leave etc.)

Thank you
Vivek K. Tiwari
Email:- vktiwari.ca@gmail.com


Published by

CA Vivek Kumar
(Practicing CA, And GST Content writer for legalfilings.in)
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