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CA Final Corporate & Allied Laws Nov 2017 Exam Analysis - Expect the Unexpected

CA Arpita Tulsyan , Last updated: 09 November 2017  

The Paper seemed quite unfamiliar at the 1st Instance, as majority of the Questions were Not from the Practice Manual.

Students had almost got used to 'seeing ditto PM Questions' right from the FR Paper!

Here, in Law, it seemed that Examiners studied the Entire Module thoroughly before selecting the Questions.

Student's Observation:

  • The pattern of the Paper or the Manner in which Questions were asked, were such that in particular Question if there are 2 or more Sub-Questions, the 1st One seemed to be very easy but the other one was a Question Mark!
  • The paper was Lengthy as per most of the students! They measured it in Number of Pages though! It was 11 sided Question Paper.
  • Students have Answered all the Questions, but they are not sure if they are correct or not!

My Observation & Advice:

  • This paper was termed as Tricky & Lengthy, because in the 1st 3 Exams i.e. FR, SFM & Audit, students were lucky enough to see the similar type or rather same Questions as Given in Practice Manual.
  • Unlike previous papers, this time, Maximum Questions were New.
  • More Weightage was given to Small Chapters, which were ignored in the Past Attempts.
  • My Piece of Advice would be, 'Do Everything, Leave Nothing'
  • Instead of Mugging up things, Study everything conceptually by referring ICAI Material.
  • Try Solving as Many Questions as you can.
  • Students usually set a Study Strategy based on Past Question Papers.
  • When I Interact with students, I observe, they Saying - 'Ma'am this Chapter was asked in the last attempt, so this time it'll not be asked, right?'
  • My Dear Students, it doesn't work that way!
  • We cannot set a trend on the Basis of Analysis or Past Papers.
  • After all you guys are attempting the 'Toughest Examination'
  • So there has to be a pinch of - 'Expect the Unexpected'

Just for your Overview, I have done the Following Analysis:

Chapter - Wise Allocation of Marks (With Options)

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