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Happy Diwali to all my dear friends. It's been a long time since I wrote something.

This COVID time has presented an unprecedented situation for everyone. There's confusion regarding the exam, the SOP to be followed during the exam, and the impact these exams could have. Institute in their notification has made it clear that exams are going to happen.

So it's time to focus on what's in your hands, i.e to study and work hard.

There's anger among candidates whether exams should happen or not. Institute has given an opt-out option too. Those who can't take the exam can opt-out for January Attempt.

Many of my friends must be working and would have taken a break from their jobs to attempt the exams. If exams won't happen then they will lose their leaves and salary. I can very much relate to it.

And there are friends who are residing in containment zones or who would be having covid cases around them. It's difficult for them to take exams or to focus on their studies. Candidates can opt-out if there's an issue.

Institute could have done better in issuing guidelines for sure, but this situation never happened before. People are acting as per what they think is best. It's very difficult for the decision-makers to pacify everyone.

Being a member of this esteemed institute I don't like webinars or online meetings. There are issues like net connectivity, inability to ask questions in a better way. But that's my personal opinion. I prefer the physical mode of meetings.

CA Exams 2020: Students gear up to take one of the toughest exams in one of the toughest situations

Even the decision of govt to lockdown has backfired for the economy. The situation of every candidate is different from each other. What may be 9 for me, can be 6 for you.

What can you do during these times? Ask yourself what is in your hands? 

The answer can be clear with clarity of mind and your mind should be very clear that only hard work is in your hands.

When we start to think clearly we realize that what's happening around only creates confusion which ultimately disturbs the preparation. I agree that this attempt is going to be the toughest attempt with candidates having to wear masks for three hours and taking covid precautions.

Let me narrate an incident. There used to be an exam center in my city where sun rays would directly fall during May. There were electricity cuts in that area too and this center was labeled as hell for candidates. I had my attempt in May. I prepared myself by closing the fan in my study room. First, it was difficult but as soon as I went for the exams, I was comfortable with it.

My point is to try preparing for the exam while wearing masks. Get used to the conditions that you are going to face.


Yes, things are against you; yes you are going to take one of the toughest exams in one of the toughest conditions that the world has ever faced. But you have to accept that this is the reality and you have to prepare yourself accordingly.

Only you can help yourself. Only your preparations can sail you through. This level demands a tougher you.

My request for the institute will be to ease out their marking scheme. Understand that candidates are already going through enough. Don't make errors while marking the exams. Value the hard work and dedication of those taking the exams.


Few words written by me:

"It's not easy, it's all messy,
But easy roads never made good drivers,
Only tough battles gave the world real warriors,
The onus is on you to prove yourself to the world,
Its up to to you whether to give up or pick up the sword,
Prove your worth to everyone who said you can't,
Its show time to show the world what you have got,
Go and do your best,
Prepare like this is your biggest test"

All the very best for the exams!


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CA Anurag Sharma
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