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Hi Friends & Sir,

I like to dedicate this article to all CCI members & especially for CA students.

You are now thinking that “What is the role of these 3 words in our Journey of CA Course?”

Yes my friends, these 3 words are playing more important role in our journey of CA Course. Without these 3 words our CA Course will not be complete.

Here I explain you that, how these 3 words plays important role in our Journey of CA Course.

So, here I explain you my real life story & how these 3 words playing important role in my journey of CA Course.


Thanks to this “Excitement” word, just because of this I was joined the CA Course.

Pre – admission Excitement:-

When I was passed in H.S.C (12th STD) Exams with good marks, many friends & relatives suggest me to join this CA Course. They were also  told me the benefits of this course. After hearing all this I was really excite to join this course & I tell this to my friends also & they was also excited to join this course. Finally me & my friends joined this CA  Course (i.e. for PE 1)

Post – admission Excitement:-

After joining CA Course I got study material of PE 1 & realized that    this is very big books than our H.S.C Exams books & again I was excited to know about the content of these big books.

Finally I passed the PE 1 exam with perfect 50% (i.e. 200/400) by doing self study. Here my confidence level was increased & now my excitements convert into passion.


Thanks to this “passion” word, just because of this I cleared my much awaited PE 2 level exam.

Now you think that, how this word help me in my PE 2 level.

After passing PE 1, I was taken a gap of 1 year for my T.Y exam just to score good marks. And in T.Y.B.Com I got 77% i.e. I say that, my scarified of 1 year of PE 2 was not west. After clearing I was joined class but due to health problem I leaved that class within 2 months. Just because that I lost my 2 year in my life & 2 year of CA Course also & I lost my confidence level also. Every attempt I was filled the exam form but my mind was not ready to give the exam. Many of my friend cleared there exams & start their articleship at right time. The  big issue   in my life which was heart me every day, that all my friend are now 2   step ahead of me.i.e first one was they cleared PE 2 level & second was they start there articleship at the right time. I again filled the exam form   for 5 attempts & this was just a west of money. In this period I was not read a single page of book. But after ICAI announcement that PE 2 is    now covert into PCC & they allowed last 2 chance for PE 2 students. Then I realized that this is my last chance to complete my CA Course otherwise my future will be zero & I fill the exam form for May 2008     but in this exam also I totally west my money but due to this attempt      my confidence level was increased. Because without any study, just on the basic knowledge I managed to score above 40 marks in A/C’s,  Costing, Tax. This attempt was turning point in my life to create passion again in my life for CA Course. That time I think that, I managed to score above 40 marks without study, so if I do hard work then I will easily clear my PE 2 exam in next attempt. In next attempt i.e. Nov 2008 I score 68% in 1st group of PE 2 but fail in second group just because of Information technology subject. This was a last attempt for PE 2 but ICAI again give 1 chance to all PE 2 students & This time I cleared my 2nd group also with 50% score and  start my articleship on lucky date 09/09/09.

This is just possible because of My Passion about CA Course.

As I say above, many of my friends are now 2 steps ahead of me and I realized that now the CA Course is not just my passion but now also become a need in my life.


This is the very big word for all CA Students who are not cleared their Final Exams in 1st attempt. Here our passion automatically converts into need. Because without passing final exams we can’t get CA degree & we can’t write “CA” word before our name.


After reading this article,

You think that “Why I m sharing my real life story with you?”

I just want to share it because in my life I done big mistake by not giving exam at right time just because of low level of confidence and no proper guidance by any one when I really need it.

So, this kind of mistake will not be happed in any other student’s life & they do not west there valuable years just because of low level of confidence, no proper guidance at right time and they will complete their CA Course at right time with high level of confidence & proper guidance.

Today 16th March is my birthday, so I think this is best day & right  time to share my own story with all of you.

If this article helps at least one student to take the lesson from this, so I  will be happy today.

So, I come with the conclusion from my experience that:-

“Without Excitement our passion cannot be fulfill and without passion our need cannot be complete.”

In our CA Course:-

1 .CPT/ PE 1 – Is our Excitement level

2. PCC/IPCC/PE 2 – Is our Passion level

3. Final – Is our Need level.


Thanks to all of you for reading my article.

Best of Luck to all students for their May 2011 Exams & Best wishes  for their future journey of CA Course.



Amit Todkari

( CA Final & CS Final Students)

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