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There was a day when ORDINARY people used to bring the vegetables that even a poor person can afford with ease & burden less at a price of just Rs. 5/- to Rs. 6/- per Kg, but today the same ORDINARY people is getting at a price ranging between Rs. 15 to Rs. 20 Kg means a simple Price Inflation of 10 to 12% on an average & still there are is no guarantee that in the near future that it will decrease to some extent. We as an ORDINARY man have been habituated to tolerate this things & fake promises given by Government.


Understanding in the right manner INFLATION is such a situation when too many people chase too few goods and too few services, which automatically makes the prices of the goods and services high because of the high demand. At the same time, when inflation falls below the desired mark (in the negative territory), then too few people chase too many goods and too many services, making the prices of the goods and services under-priced.


A Glance at reasons causing Inflationary Price Rise & its Rate’s:


1.                          When the government of a country print money in excess, prices increase to keep up with the increase in currency, leading to inflation

2.                          Inflation caused by either an increase in the money supply or a     decrease in the quantity of goods being supplied.

3.                          Increase in the price of Petrol & Diesel.

4.                          When countries borrow money, they have to cope with the interest.

The interest burden results to inflation.

            5.             High taxes on consumer products, also lead to inflation.



India’s 2009-10 Economic Survey Report suggests a high double-digit increase in food inflation, with signs of inflation spreading to various other sectors as well.


the inflation rate in 2009 Jan 3 – was 5.24% that decreased to (-1.55)% in 2009 Jun 27 after 6 months & In context to today’s scenario the inflation rate is again around 2%.


But then too prices of basic food items like pulses, wheat, fish marine, fruit and vegetables & imported edible oil turned expensive.



The people in whose house food is cooked on chula the basic need is of kerosene & today we have to stand in line for it & the price is so high that a poor person cannot afford, & the government says to reduce the consumption, how can be that done??


The steps Our Hourable Government is taking can be made effective in a developed country like U.S.A., but to implement it in INDIA is very difficult to say……


Inflation rates may come down by some extent but decrease in prices of daily consumables to come down to an affordable rate will be a miracle come true for an ORDINARY man.


In last one year the Roti of a poor man is becoming very small & small. Purchasing Dal as a food item has become a dream for him now.


Where are the promises that the Government gave to the ORDINARY people while campaigning for their election?


Government has already hiked the prices of Petrol & Diesel & again this year Petrol by Rs.3.5 & diesel Rs. 2 costlier. What an ORDINARY man can do in this hike? Adjust & pay more as simple as that.

This time the Government says that the price rise in Fuels was unmanageable & to make Government Oil Cos. recover from great losses even though the price of crude oil is $78 per barrel.


Before 1.5 year when the price of Crude oil per barrel was touching the sky around $106 at that time too the government hiked the price of petrol & diesel to gain profits to the Government Oil cos & that we can understand.


But then what is the difference in that time & in today’s time? For what reasons the prices of Fuel have been hiked so much when the price per barrel is under control?? Why is the Government Oil Cos still making losses when the Barrel prices are low. The reason only Government knows…….


There is a complete chain in which the final consumable reaches to us :

  • Farmers sells in the agricultural market,
  • from there it is sold to big distributor in the city,
  • distributor in turn sells it to Mill,
  • Mill sells it to whole seller,  
  • finally whole seller sells it to retailer &
  • we purchase from retailers…..


At each stage Petrol & Diesel are being consumed & due to this it is for sure that hike in the price of fuels there is a rise in the price of the vegetables, rice, wheat, Dal, etc. by 4 to 5 per Kgs. Though the Government says that rise in prices of fuels will only increase inflation by 0.1% but we have to understand it’s indirectly rise in the prices of the consumables.


A highlight at the rise in the prices:

Particulars      2009              2010

Moong Dal       56                   88

Aadh Dal           52                   72

Wheat (Lot)     14                   16

Rice                  20                   22

Sugar               27                   30

Milk                 10                   13


With the actions taken by the Government the Rich is becoming Poor & the poor is becoming poorer. This figure seems that the Government is following & implementing the PRICE RISE. By this data one can see how the ORDINARY man is being pissed daily of by this inflationary price rises.


Where is the ORDINARY man in the eyes of GOVERNMENT today that was a STAR Focus at the time of Election campaign?


The government is not ready to understand that Price rise is the main problem for an ORDINARY man. If We an ORDINARY man, the farmers from whom the majority of the income comes are not in the position to keep their problems, the GOVERNMENT must not think that we the ORDINARY people of INDIA have accepted the same as ORDINARY people are generally silent from within & their powers are in their hands….

But the sad part is we an ordinary people just have the mentality to adjust & not raise voice.


We are just ORDINARY people & we should be like only ORDINARY people & just see what our Honorable Government does & behave & take action.

“Is it so?”


Government must not forget that, just how ORDINARY people elect & make Government, they can even have right to rule them out by opposing, protesting & taking back the supports.


I am not writing this article to gain publicity but to make ORDINARY people aware of the facts & difficulty that an ORDINARY people is facing due to this Price Inflation done by government which it is not taking into consideration.


If the Government is FOR THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE & BY THE PEOPLE then they must take the ORDINARY MEN voice & difficulties into consideration.



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