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What is EB?

Employer branding is the strategy employed by an organization to create Employer Value Proposition (EVP) that would convey to desired current and prospective employees why the organization is the good place to work in, unique and appealing.

Prevalence of EB:

While some organization may not be having Employer Branding Strategy, some may say that hey have it but it could be developed further. There may also be some organizations which may be having complete Employer Branding Strategy but no specific plan and budget for the same.

How to achieve EB?

Having a clearly defined strategy, senior management engagement, developing strategies for recruiting and retaining talent, defining employer value proposition, collaboration between different departments.

How EB can be enhanced?

Recruitment advertising and employer marketing are seen as being the most crucial in enhancing EB followed by leadership development programs, career website development, induction programs and coaching/ mentoring. Employee related benefits are seen as the key benefits of having a strong employer branding strategy. Most organizations believe that providing a good work environment and growth opportunities is critical to become employer of choice. Branding is seen as the responsibility of corporate HR with support of marketing wherever required.

Benefits of EB:

Increased retention rates, increased productivity, increased employee engagement/ satisfaction, quick fill of job vacancies, decreased recruitment costs, and improved succession planning.

Branding for Generation X and Generation Y

Generation X’s primarily goals are self sufficiency through learning,  increased opportunities for growth and contribution, learning experience and a way to gain skills to make themselves more marketable.

Family is perhaps prime motivator for Gen X sot things like good work/ life balance, flexi timing, extra paid time off are some of the motivators for them

Generation Y is the motivational workforce bringing fresh ideas & enthusiasm. They like to work hard and party hard so it would be beneficial if the their branding may reflect things like flexi-timing, tuition reimbursement fro some education, relaxed work environment and similar such motivators.

Why EB fails?

A lack of vision and clarity is seen as the primary challenge in realizing Employer Branding. Employer Branding fails because organizations are not clear about the strategy required to communicate this. Few points to bad strategy building are quoted below:-

1. Failing to define ideal employees: An organization should define clearly the type of talent they trying to attract (in particular, those whose core values align with your own business values) and integrating this knowledge into all future branding exercises.

2. Having a careless recruitment and on-boarding process: From job advertisements, to interviews, to the first impression a new employee has on their first day, these little things count and are important. First days are like first dates – every second counts.

3. Not understanding what makes employees tick: Understanding what workers want is the first step in improving employer brand. Some factors common to both man and women are competitive salary & employee benefits, good work-life balance, long term job security, convenient location, flexible working, and interesting job content

4. Forgetting to outline EVP: EVP is something that makes an organization stand out from its competitors i.e. how an organizations business is unique, and what it provides to its employees above and beyond the day to day job experience like extensive learning and development opportunities, flexible working hours, impressive salary package etc.

5. Brand promise fails to match the actual experience: An organization should make sure everything it promises is delivered once an employee joins to make greater success in talent attraction and retention.


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