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Money makes the mare go. That’s as convincing as the Sun rising in the East. Money is something that deprives many people of sound sleep, and even the youngsters of today. In the west, getting pocket money is like snow in Siberia; but in India it is something that only small stratums of students enjoy. When you are growing up, there are many things that occupy and determine your lifestyle like partying, hanging out and buying the latest tech products. All these seem unimportant to your parents but only you can tell that it is as important as breathing to you. They require money which you have to borrow as you either don’t earn or don’t get enough pocket money. You wish you could earn or save a little more, but don’t know how? Not to worry, here how you can save up and learn to budget your money.
Check your expenditures:  the best way to earn money is to save it. Recognize and stop unnecessary expense like talking long hours on the phone when you are back home from college (where you had met and talked with the friend on the phone), buying new pair of shoes when you already have a store opened at home, etc. Try to be thrifty as much as possible. 
Take up a part time job or a summer job: Earning money makes you value it. How much ever meager it is but when you realize that you have worked hard to earn every bit of it, you start to respect it and use it more carefully. If your study hours don’t allow you the time to work part time then you could work in your vacations too. 
Stop borrowing: Borrowing makes you shameless and you get into the habit of borrowing all your life which in turn makes you lazy. You get the feeling that you can get money even without working hard. 
Start saving: you needn’t start saving hundreds at a go but save as much possible. Even one rupee saved a day amounts to about 100 rupees in three months. After all, small drops make an ocean! Walk the walkable distance and save the money that you would spend on the ride, it is even good for your fitness. 
Need or Want: Once you learn to differentiate between the need and the want you have learned the art of budgeting. It is good to pamper yourself only as long as you can limit yourself, too.

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