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Heading into an exam, we always intend to give our best. But many of us don’t know how the machine operates. Especially for those like me who can’t manage social networking & then those who never thought of managing it. Heading into a CA exam: Social Networking is your biggest roadblock. The need to comment on someone’s pic or to send a friend request to a girl you met today in the classes, happens with every one of us :D

In the initial months, I used to do it a lot. I’ll call it essential. Every one of us feels the need to share our thoughts, feeling & emotions. To develop & build contacts. Vivek Soni sir had once said “In old times, people used to send their children to Gurukuls to study. The mere reason being that in order to gain knowledge or call it wisdom, you have to distance yourself from the happenings of the world, at a place where your sole motive is to learn “

In today’s world, yes that is not possible. But practically distancing yourself from the world is. IPCC is a different world in itself.  Once you get into it, you’ll love being a part of it.

While studying, I used to keep my cell phone away. I just used to check it in the morning & once in the night. More often, I've kept it switched off. Particularly near the exam months, I talked to just 2 friends & some other people on text. That’s it.

Let me illustrate how the thing operates while we never know of it. Suppose you are studying Law. General Meeting is a big chapter. After covering every topic, you’ll feel like checking your phone or texting someone. But once you check your phone, you are no longer into General meeting. You are into what he or she said. And slowly, your thoughts drift away. So Exhibit A, it broke your flow of study. B, if you just finished learning a topic, it just decreased your retention. Some come back to the topic within 5 minutes or so. But then there are others who start thinking about something else. And waste maybe 20 minutes or even an hour. At that point, think about a person who kept studying and did not check his phone. He finished the chapter much before you could ever do and is into some other subject. And you, by the end of the day are still doing General Meeting. Next day, he’ll be revising it, while you just advanced a few topics. See the difference? 

I know, most of us somehow don’t accept or even want to accept that mobile phones distract us. They are the ones who are still immune to getting distracted. Maybe much less.But then there are others who do get affected while they never know of it. So the best thing is to identify your priorities. Know your strengths. Do it only if you are confident with yourself. And if your not, become confident. It is upto us how we convince our minds.

Nearing the exam months, I've seen most of my friends go off WhatsApp or decrease its use. Happens, as the purpose shifts to doing something better & more important i.e. the exams.

But if you cant get off social networking, make careful use of it: knowing that it would change your result in the coming time or that it could change a PASS to FAIL.

Focus is a pre-requisite for success. Those who build it early, definitely become more successful. And it’s just not today, or for these exams. Your focus will stay with you. It became a part of you because you worked hard. And it will give you surprising results in every walk of life.

So, it not just about passing the exams. It trains you for the future. Because it is you who decides how to get the job done. And over time, it becomes your attitude in life.

CA exams are where everybody gives their best. Atleast in one way or the other. So if your best is just being contended with passing, because you wasted time in the past or dint quite build yourself for the exams,  you are limiting your potential.“Mehnat aur Lagan kisi bahane ki mohtaj nahi hoti” Know that each & every one of us has a potential. Never underestimate your abilities and go into thinking that it is not possible for me. You just took the wrong road. The need of the hour stands in identifying your strengths & building ‘em.“Kal se, kisi din, agli baar. Ye hamesha chalta rahega. Par Agar aap kuch bhi karna chahte ho, aaj apne aap mein aapke liye ke opportunity h.Kal pta nahi kaisa hoga, aaj aapke pas h. So whatever you feel you should do or need to do, atleast do take a step today.”

All the best.


Published by

Aditya Shah
(CA Final student)
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