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These days if you ask a normal person “kya chal rha hai” toh, he will probably say Diwali ki tyariyaan….but if you ask CA students, the same question, first they will stare at you, then they feel petty on themselves and they will  finally answer- “Exam ki tyariyan…”

Yes, the battle has started again. The battle between Diwali and padai, between cousins k sath night out or night study, between night study wali coffee or family k sath mithai…..The season has begun now….:P :P

Many students had written me an email and asked about this problem and while I was reading their emails I thought why to consider it as a curse or why to think like that…Why think that your masti is suffering because of your exams?

I heard somewhere that every single day we all get 86,400 seconds in our life’s account. We cannot own it but use it. It is on us how we use it. If managed properly time can make exams revisions very easy for you.

Do not compromise with the festival. Enjoy it to the fullest, because if you do not enjoy it, you will think about it and if you think about it, you will blame your exams for this, which directly means you will be attracting negative energy for yourself. But remember your ignorance and procrastinating behaviour can also cost you another 6 months of unnecessary studies. Think in this way too. Manage your time properly and make the best use of it. You can also follow the following time management tips; though these you must have read a number of times but still can help you:

  • Divide your time into parts and work according to that.
  • Make a to-do list
  • Make Notes
  • Record your voice while studying and listen to it in leisure time. It might sound bullish but believe me when you will listen it will go in your subconscious mind and will help you at the day of the exam.

Rest you all know. Be silly, be crazy, be motivated, be hydrated, and be you and believe in your power.

So I conclude here with a message that “Make Diwali enjoyable and New Year Memorable by adding two precious prefix to your name…” I hope you got the message.. :)

Stay Positive, Stay Connected :)

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CS Aarti Jain
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